Jamie Lee Curtis Says Scream Queens Writing Is Superior

Jamie Lee Curtis is returning for the second season of Fox’s hit Scream Queens, and she was happy to express how she felt about working on the hit series.

“For me, out of everything I’ve ever done, the quality of the writing is so far superior to any of the other work I’ve done.”

According to People, Jamie Lee Curtis’s idea of heaven is starring on a pastiche horror series where the blood spurts like beer from an emptying keg. Jamie Lee Curtis was at LA’s Paleyfest Saturday with her costars Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, and Niecy Nash, who are all returning for season two of Scream Queens. Curtis was expressing her love for the Fox hit series. Cathy Munsch, dean of murder-prone Wallace University, is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jamie Lee stated that she loves her character and knew from the beginning that the show would be a hit.

Jamie Lee expressed that she knows that Munsch is something of a “hag role.” This refers to a Hollywood casting tendency for actresses in middle age. One of the biggest stars that has been known for hag roles is Joan Crawford. The Munsch character is a tough, cynical woman who could be a better-credentialed cousin to coach Sue Sylvester on Glee. Jamie Lee Curtis’ awesome job at this role did earn her a Golden Globe nomination.

Jamie Lee Curtis was able to honor her mother in a variation of her mother Janet Leigh’s classic shower scene from Psycho. Curtis’ character even made reference to the movie as she pointed out to the killer that she saw Psycho fifty times. Jamie Lee truly enjoyed it as it was a loving homage.

“I’ve been an actress a long time. My mom’s been dead ten years and if not now, when? I mean, honestly, I’m on a show called frickin’ Scream Queens.”

Jamie Lee Curtis’ role in Scream Queens really reminds audiences that Curtis has always been adept at comedy. The dialogue of her character is smart and sarcastic. Curtis brought up her role in the classic A Fish Called Wanda, where she had a similar role, but as she pointed out, that was 29 years ago.

Scream Queens has been getting a lot of buzz regarding who will be starring in the show for the anticipated season two. There were rumors that Harry Styles would be among the cast for season two, but it has been recently confirmed that Harry will not be a part of the second season of Scream Queens.

According to Hollywood Life, another potential star that may be making an appearance if some of the show’s cast have their way is Justin Bieber. Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, has made great work of Scream Queens and has confirmed the storyline behind the second season of the hit Fox series. Season 2 of Scream Queens will take place inside a hospital. The Chanels will be exonerated and get accepted to medical school, while Dean Munsch will actually buy the hospital where Chanel Oberlin and her friends have enrolled. The premise of the season seems like a great opportunity to have a star like Justin Bieber pop in.

Jamie Lee Curtis is definitely a great part of the Fox hit series Scream Queens, and it will be great to see what she brings to the great writing of season two.

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