‘Disaster’ Tori Spelling Getting On David Tutera’s Nerves

David Tutera’s show on the WE Network is looking less like a show about party planning, and more like place that celebrities go when they are losing their minds. Adding to the circus atmosphere is now Tori Spelling, who says that “Donna Martin,” the character she played two decades ago on Beverly Hills, 90210, has graduated and is now a party planner. So, Spelling thought that made her a shoe-in to partner up with actual party planner, David Tutera.

According to the Inquisitr, Tori Spelling’s home life has gotten out of control, and between marital issues, financial problems, and adding another child to her household, Spelling has had medical problems, and has needed to rely on her mother to pay her bills. Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, has admitted to cheating on Spelling, as he did with Spelling on his former wife, Mary Jo Eustace.

Radar Online has shared a video clip where David Tutera calls Tori Spelling “a disaster,” and says that “she is getting on his nerves.” On his WE tv show, David Tutera’s CELEBrations, he has allowed Tori Spelling to come on as his apprentice, but her drama queen antics and unprofessional behavior are wearing thin.

“Supermom is really getting on my nerves and this could potentially be a disaster!”

Us Magazine says that right out of the gate, Tori Spelling and David Tutera butted heads while planning a Superman-themed party. The party was supposed to be for Spelling’s son Finn’s 3rd birthday, but Tutera is irked when Spelling wants him to do a crafting project, and create 50 Superman capes for the child’s party.

“I thought we were actually going over a party — I didn’t realize we were crafting,” he tells her.

Spelling then describes her party planning style, and that it’s very hands-on, but Tutera is not really a backyard children’s party planner, and he tells Spelling that her ideas are backwards. It seems the partnership is off to a rough start.

Questions are being raised over whether Spelling is joining Tutera to try and get out from under her financial problems, but she has told the Daily Mail that there are no money issues, despite being sued over an unpaid AMEX bill.

“We’re not perfect. We have made a lot of choices financially with real estate that didn’t work out.”

But Spelling only seems to make press when she is either having a personal or professional meltdown, and often her marriage is at the center of the problems. Recently, Spelling angered many of her former co-workers when she went on a celebrity lie detector show, and aired her dirty laundry, and the dirty laundry of other people. Jason Priestley was reportedly disgusted by her sharing that they had slept together, and that she sold his wedding invitation at a yard sale to make some money.

Spelling complains that her upbringing didn’t prepare her to manage money, and when her father did not leave her the amount of money she expected, she had to change her approach, and scramble for jobs. For now, her mother, Candy Spelling, has been helping the couple pay their bills.

“I’ve been helping out and I’m paying all her bills now,” Candy, 70, told TMZ.

Presumably, Tori Spelling, 42, did not expect this information to be shared with the press, as she says that she and her husband, Dean McDermott, have no financial struggles.

Do you think Tori Spelling’s “job” with David Tutera is just a ratings set-up?

[Photo by Jerrod Harris/Getty Images]