‘The 100’ Season 3: Will Jaha Kill Raven For ALIE? Possible Side Effects Of ‘Waking Up’ From The Happy Chip

The 100 Season 3, Episode 9 is titled “Stealing Fire,” but will not air this week on the CW network. Currently, The 100 and many other TV shows are on hiatus until later this month. When The 100 finally does return, what can fans expect? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, two promo clips for The 100 Season 3, Episode 9 were released. However, one situation that has not been addressed by The 100 Season 3 spoilers yet is ALIE, Jaha, and Raven. After the last episode and Raven realizing that ALIE caused her to forget important events in her life, could her life be in jeopardy? Will ALIE use Jaha’s devotion to the artificial intelligence being to kill Raven? Also, what possible side effects could Raven experience from “waking up” from ALIE’s edible happy chip in the next few episodes of The 100?

On the last episode of The 100, Raven (Lindsay Morgan) enlisted Jasper’s (Devon Bostick) help to get back the chip maker Pike (Michael Beach) took away. She could never have guessed that during small talk, Jasper would get Raven thinking about her past, particularly about Finn (Thomas McDonell). While working on ALIE’s (Erica Cerra) project on The 100, Raven realized she couldn’t remember important events from Raven’s past, just like Hidden Remote noted in The 100 Season 3, Episode 8 review. Naturally, this resulted in Raven becoming both emotional and panicked. When Raven started repeating that she didn’t remember her time with Finn at all, ALIE tried getting Raven to focus back on the task. However, ALIE obviously didn’t realize just how powerful emotions can be, especially when it comes to love and remembering someone who has passed away. The Den of Geek brought up Raven and Jasper‘s realization quite well in their review of the midseason finale of The 100.

On The 100, Raven suddenly grabbed Jasper and fled the room. She said that they could not allow ALIE to have the chip maker. That means no more happy chips for Arkadians who are desperate to get rid of their pain.

Before Raven ate the happy chip on previous episodes of The 100, ALIE told Jaha (Isaiah Washington) that they “needed” Raven. However, she wouldn’t need much convincing. Just the fact that her leg was causing Raven so much pain was enough. Raven was desperate and took the happy chip. Just like Abby (Paige Turco) speculated on The 100, there would be side effects from the happy chip. Side effects such as numbing emotions and getting rid of memories associated with certain feelings. It seems that the few core characters that took ALIE’s happy chip became peaceful, calm and annoyingly happy. They didn’t have a care in the world except for working on ALIE’s project.

What is interesting is that while Raven couldn’t remember Finn on The 100, Jasper still recalled his time with Maya (Eve Harlow). Both Finn and Maya died in sudden, violent and tragic ways. Perhaps it is because Finn was never mentioned after Raven took the happy chip. Maybe ALIE’s chip works differently for everyone, affecting different regions of the brain.

With Raven no longer on Team ALIE on The 100, what will the A.I. and Jaha do? Raven could convince other followers that ALIE does not have their best interest at heart. However, that would probably fall on deaf ears. If Raven somehow had ALIE’s other followers remember emotions and important events from their past, that may cause some to wake up. ALIE can’t risk that, especially since they are getting so close to completing her mission. Since Jaha was the first to be blinded by ALIE on The 100, he is probably too far gone to see what is really going on. The longer someone is under the happy chip spell, the more difficult it will be to bring them back to reality. Could ALIE convince Jaha to kill Raven on The 100? If so, would he actually be able to do that?

Even if Jaha does try to eliminate Raven for ALIE, Raven should will be just fine. There are rumors that executive producer Jason Rothenberg has big plans for Raven in The 100 Season 4.

There is also the problem of what side effects will Raven go through now that she is breaking free — or overriding — the happy chip on The 100. For one, the happy chip numbed her feelings, including the pain receptors. With her damaged leg, Raven needed surgery on The 100. Since taking the happy chip, she has been walking and even running on it. She is causing even more damage to her leg, but doesn’t realize it because her pain receptors are turned off. When the happy chip has completely worn off — or is somehow removed or disabled from Raven — could she become paralyzed with no hope of recovery? What other side effects will Raven go through on The 100? Will it be like a drug withdrawal or could intense emotions completely take over?

What do you think will happen between ALIE, Jaha, and Raven on The 100 when Season 3 returns on March 31?

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