Ariana Grande ‘Saturday Night Live’ Wardrobe Malfunction Causes Confusion On Twitter

Ariana Grande struggled with her jacket while she performed her latest single, “Dangerous Woman,” on Saturday Night Live on March 12.

The former Disney channel star wore a black jacket around her elbows and slipped it off when she started to perform. It eventually ended up hanging off of her arm as she continued singing, Us Weekly reports. Grande, at one point, tried to slip it back on, but was unsuccessful.

Ariana’s coat struggle seemed to confuse people on Twitter.

Ariana Grande was not only the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, but she hosted the comedy sketch show, as well. As Variety reports, Grande stunned audiences and the crew when she let a swear word slip into her opening monologue.

honored and beyond excited to be host & musical guest tomorrow night @nbcsnl !!

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During the monologue, Grande made fun of her past as a Disney child star and launched into a satirical song that questioned which scandal she might get into next. During the transition, Grande appeared to mess up a line, and then seemed to say “Oh, s**t.”

Variety reports that an insider on Saturday Night Live said that the swear word was unscripted and would probably be cleaned up for the airing on the West Coast. Grande’s swear slip happened during the first fifteen minutes of the show, when it typically gets the highest number of viewers, according to Variety.

This isn’t the first time that a performer has sworn on SNL. In February, 1981, recurring cast member Charles Rocket made up a response to host Charlene Tilton that incorporated the word “f**k,” which became one of the legendary moments in the show’s history. In September, 2009, cast member Jenny Slate swore during her first Saturday Night Live show. Although she did establish a strong presence on the show, she did not return to SNL in the next season, Variety notes.

In 1995, cast member Cheri Oteri said “s**t” while playing popular character, Rita DelVecchio. Friends star David Schwimmer was the host that night, and mentioned the flub during the final moments of the show. Oteri placed some money in a “swear jar,” and remained a cast member for another five years, leaving the show during the year 2000.

The rest of the Ariana Grande SNL hosting gig seemed to go off swimmingly, however. The “Problem” singer participated in a sketch where she impersonated a wide range of singers like Shakira, Britney Spears, and Rihanna. Grande also generated some laughs when she convincingly impersonated Jennifer Lawrence during a sketch called “Family Feud– Celebrity Edition.”

Also, despite the jacket flub and the unscripted profanity, Ariana killed her performances of “Dangerous Woman” and “Be Alright.” Both songs are off of her upcoming third album, also called Dangerous Woman, which is expected to drop on March 23. As Hollywood Life notes, the vibe from both songs are a good indication that the new album will be a whole lot different from Grande’s previous album, My Everything. According to Hollywood Life, Ariana Grande told fans that Dangerous Woman “sits in its own world,” and doesn’t sound like anything else she has released before.

Music reviewers agree.

“With its emphasis on the singer’s agency and its sensual, unapologetically slow build, the song—written by Johan Carlsson and Ross Goldan and produced by Carlsson and Max Martin—feels markedly more mature than Ariana’s past efforts,” writes John Walker in his review of the song for Fusion.

Dangerous Woman, the album, is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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