Long Island Mom Gives Birth To Twins Driving To NUMC, One On SSP, One On The Wantagh

Long Island Mom Siobhan Anderson of Amityville was a bit taken off guard when her twins started to arrive a week early, but she probably didn’t think they would arrive one after another on two separate Nassau County highways.

(You know, Siobhan Anderson, traffic on the parkways is bad enough without people giving birth during peak travel times, just saying.) Anderson pulled off the amazing feat as she and her husband traveled to Nassau University Medical Center shortly after she went into labor, and once things got started, they apparently went very quickly.

Per Good Morning America, Anderson’s mom jokingly foreshadowed her daughter’s newsworthy event when Siobhan left for the hospital. As she got ready to go, her mother said:

“You’d better not give birth on the Northern State Parkway.”

Apparently a good daughter, Anderson did not. She did, however, give birth on the Southern State Parkway. And then again, on the Wantagh State Parkway. Anderson’s water broke before her due date, at 5:30 in the morning Saturday.

On the advice of doctors, Anderson and husband Bryan didn’t rush to the hospital. They left their house at around 7 AM, and given it was a weekend and relatively early, traffic was probably pretty light — so it seems that pretty soon after leaving, things began moving rather quickly:

“Siobhan said she felt a big contraction, and suddenly felt the baby’s head, a few minutes after they pulled onto Southern State Parkway. She told her husband he was going to have to deliver the twins right there on the side of the road.”

EMTs arrived, and Siobhan shortly thereafter gave birth to baby Gavin, who was born at the side of the road by exit 30 — in, as Siobhan describes it, “open air.” Anderson was transported by ambulance, but the bus pulled over on the side of the Wantagh as her husband followed, allowing him in the back to attend the birth of baby Declan, just nine minutes later at 7:46 AM.

Siobhan said:

“We were just in shock… I’m still in shock that it happened. I can’t believe I was able to do that.”