‘The Other Wife’: Lifetime Movie Network Film Based On Book Or True Story?

The Other Wife is a brand new Lifetime Movie Network film to air this Sunday. Sundays have proven to be a wonderful time to wind down and watch your favorite Lifetime or LMN movies of the week. The Other Wife is directed by Nick Lyon and written by Adam Meyer and Delondra Williams. It stars Kimberley Hews as Kate Jennings, Tonya Kay as Deb, Molly Berg as Dr. Duris, Mark Grossman as Jay, Clint Jung as Craig Adison, Christine Sclafani as Suzanne, Phillip E. Walker as Mr. Moore, and James Tucker as Detective Samuels, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

The Other Wife Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) synopsis

Lifetime Movie Network’s The Other Wife brings you the story of Kate Jennings, a middle-aged woman who believes she is happily married, until she finds her husband, Billy, dead in their home from an apparent suicide. Shock and sadness can’t begin to describe what Kate is feeling. From grief and sadness to confusion and disbelief, Kate has no idea what made her husband want to end his life. The pain deepens even more as the grief-stricken wife finds out that her husband kept a secret, one that includes a mistress who turns out to be his other wife and the child that she is about to give birth to.

Instead of hating each other, Kate and Deb know that they are in over their head when it comes to light that before his death, Billy stole $30,000 from the mob, and they want it back immediately. Now, their only goal is to stay alive as they try to figure out what Billy did with the stash.

The Other Wife is a dramatic and compelling emotional thriller with many twists and turns to keep the viewer begging for more. Betrayal, secrecy, sex, and money seductively punctuate this Sunday night feature. In looking at the plot for the movie, it sounds very similar to a book, The Other Wife, by Kathleen Irene Paterka, which is about a woman who finds her husband dead in bed from an apparent heart attack. She also uncovers that her husband has another wife and children. The advertisements from LMN and The Asylum don’t specify if their story is based on the book, though it would make a great read after the movie.

Possibly based on someone’s true story, both the book and the movie bring to mind the case of Andrew Ingham, a 50-year-old man who committed suicide after both of his wives and both sets of children found out that he was living a double life. Here’s the shocker — both families only lived 10 miles apart. Ingham was able to keep his secret life a secret for almost two decades, according to Daily Mail.

“His older children discovered his double life by piecing together clues they found on Facebook, and both women met in December. The inquest heard that Mr Ingham committed suicide after feeling depressed about ‘events which had been going on in his personal life’. Before killing himself he left a number of suicide notes addressed ‘to whom it may concern.’”

In Tampa, Florida, 74-year-old Douglas Cone also had two wives for about two decades. In that case, Cone was also using another name with his other family. The shocking secret was exposed after his first wife died.

Produced by The Asylum, The Other Wife airs on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) this Sunday, March 13, at 8 p.m. Set your alarm clocks for this one, folks. In a previous article, Inquisitr reported on the Blue Seduction, another sexy thriller by LMN.

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