Is Cher Being Brainwashed And Drugged By A Close Friend? Some Are Concerned For Her Safety

Is Cher having problems caused by the natural events in her body, or is someone drugging her and trying to control her? In an exclusive report by Radar Online, a source tells the shocking details that someone in Cher's circle of friends is controlling her by brainwashing and giving her an large amount of pills to change her.

The source claims Cher "has come under the control" of a close personal friend and "she's keeping Cher doped up on a bunch of different pills."

Cher's representative denies that the claims are true, but the source insists that they are the facts. The source provided text messages from another person close to Cher who believes the same thing is happening.

Although Radar Online allegedly knows the name of the person responsible, they have chosen not to disclose it to the public at this time. However, their source has supplied copies of text messages to show that another person also believes Cher is being "brainwashed" and drugged.

"[Cher] is under her spell, that's the problem. [Cher] thinks she tells the truth, can do no wrong."

"[She] ladles pills down her throat. [Cher] doesn't even know what she's taking."

Another disturbing text message alleged that Cher could end up like Selena did, gunned down by a the president of her fanclub who became obsessed with her. The incident happened 21 years ago, and this person is afraid that the same thing could happen to Cher.
"I'm sick of this s**t being hid. U know the story of Selena. This is the same thing, don't think for a second that it isn't."
The representative for Cher continues to claim that the texts are a "complete fabrication" and she has no health issues. Cher's family and friends have noticed that Cher is not the same as she used to be, and they have expressed concern over her frame of mind and health. The incidents have given them cause to worry about her.
Earlier this month, Cher went on a Twitter rant that was reminiscent of Kanye West, where she accused someone of selling a malicious story about her and she claims that the person who sold the story was obsessed with Paulette Howell, a good friend to Cher. In the span of about 50 minutes, Cher posted several tweets taking aim at the person who sold the story.

Cher's first Tweet on the subject began with, "BECAUSE OF OBSESSION W/PAULIETTE UR GOING2 OBLITERATE ME," Cher wrote. "RUIN MY 51 YRS OF WORK.WE KNOW TRUTH.HE WAS ANGRY& LYING.PPL WONT (heart emoji) U 4 KILLING ME (sic)."

She then posted the next tweet.
Cher then continued to allege that her son had been involved in the sale of the story, but she did not disclose which son she was referring to. She has had a difficult relationship with one son, Elijah Blue Allman. However, she has another child, Chastity, who was born a girl, but later transitioned into a boy named Chaz Bono.
Cher concluded her rantings for the day by posting a screenshot of messages she had received from a fan account on Twitter and she captioned the screenshot, "Is this a fan."
Radar Online reported that they contacted Elijah Blue Allman and gave him the name of the person who is allegedly trying to brainwash and drug his mother, Cher. According to Elijah Blue, the woman is blameless and would never do any such thing to Cher. He added that she "is like an aunt to me."

Cher is very outspoken about politics and who she wants as the next president, and why she thinks that way. She is not shy in posting her intense dislike of Donald Trump. In one post, she compared the similarities between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, which drew many negative comments.

Do you think someone is out to get Cher through mind control and drugs or is this all a figment of everyone's imaginations?