Kylie Jenner Suffers ‘Anxiety’ When She’s Not Working, Reveals She Might ‘Retire’ Her Instagram Account [Video]

Kylie Jenner loves to work on building her brand so much that when she’s not working, she suffers from “anxiety,” Jenner revealed in an interview with People magazine. Kylie, who only recently released her sold-out lip kits and started a clothing brand with her sister, Kendall, plans to launch even more makeup this year under the brand name Kylie Cosmetics.

In fact, Jenner loves working so much that when she gets up in the morning, “I can’t wait to start working!,” the teen exclaimed. In the interview, Kylie revealed that she’s particularly “obsessed” with her lip kits, calling them her “passion.”

Admitting she “love[s] lips and gloss and working with these products,” Kylie started to manufacture her lip kits after noticing there “is a big up trend with lip liner.”

Jenner even makes personal appearances to support her brand, revealing that she believes the appearances help her connect with her fan base. Jenner was recruited by the Sugar Factory American Brasserie to help promote their brand, and recently, Kylie made an appearance at the grand opening of the store’s Orlando, Florida, location, where Kylie drew a crowd of over 2,500 fans.

In fact, local area girls were so excited to see Jenner in person that one Orlando retailer claimed to have sold dresses to 50 different Kylie Jenner fans, a fashion insider revealed at the opening.

How did she get involved with building her personal brand in the first place? As she became a teenager, Jenner confessed she “didn’t know what to do with myself.” Kylie asked her mother, Kris Jenner, “who I admire so much, for some suggestions. ” The “momager” told Kylie that she “was great with business,” and advised Kylie to “get involved with that.”

Admitting that Kris “is an amazing businesswoman herself,” Kylie revealed at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie appearance that she took the advice of the woman “who has been a major influence on me over the years.” In addition to her lip kits, which sold out in mere minutes when Kylie launched them, Jenner plans to add “new products like eye shadow, eye liner, concealer and bronzer” to the Kylie Cosmetics makeup line.

Kylie Jenner has always been famous, growing up on television as a star in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But as she’s grown even more well-known as she builds her brand, Jenner revealed that fame and building a business has taken a psychological toll as well.

According to the Mirror, as her notoriety grows, Kylie has become more and more “introverted.” Kylie is naturally “not a shy person,” and when she was younger, she “was so crazy. Every time my mum would have people over, I’d make everyone come in and watch me do my dance moves,” Jenner revealed.

But as her fame grew, Jenner revealed that “growing up in the spotlight, it just made me a more introverted person,” adding that the change is “so wild.” Now, instead of being able to talk to anyone about anything, Kylie confessed that she “can’t walk in a room and talk to people” anymore, and in fact is now “super-reserved and introverted,” although Jenner acknowledges that “I know everyone knows who I am.”

In a recent interview, Kylie suggested it might even be time for her to “retire” her image, and just become a behind-the-scenes business woman. When discussing her Instagram account, Jenner indicated she might end up deleting it.

“I kind of just don’t want to do it anymore,” Jenner admitted about her Instagram account of over 50 million followers, adding that she just wants “to be a businesswoman and be behind-the-scenes.”

“Kylie Jenner needs to retire,” the teen asserts.

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[Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images]