'WWE Roadblock' Event Results -- Updated LIVE!

Jan Omega

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, WWE will present WWE Roadblock, live at 8 p.m./5 p.m. ET/PT at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For those who are unable to attend the show live, it will be available for viewing exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

However, the Inquisitr understands not everyone in the WWE Universe (or wrestling community in general) will be able to spend up to two to three hours watching WWE Roadblock. Therefore, results will be presented live as they become available.

This event is unique because it is considered a "midway point" for both the WWE main roster towards Wrestlemania 32 and NXT for NXT TakeOver: Dallas. Therefore, there will be matches that feature wrestlers from both brands, primarily to end, enforce, or start certain stories heading up to the two aforementioned WWE premier events, set up by the previous WWE Smackdown! that aired before it (attached above). Also, WWE Roadblock is a first, so expectations cannot be quarried from previous years.

Prior to WWE Roadblock, the Inquisitr published numerous articles leading up to the pay-per-view. The following articles may or may not represent the forthcoming results.

Charlotte vs. Natalya (WWE Divas Championship) — To be frank, it is kind of unknown how this match was set up. There was hardly any build-up or any story. This might be a story that reveals itself at the special event in which Natalya may be chastising Charlotte for her disrespect of the WWE Divas Championship, or a follow-up to their match when they wrestled for the vacated NXT Women's Championship after Paige made the jump to the main roster. Whatever the reason, both women are going to have to make up the lack of story with phenomenal wrestling.

RESULT: Charlotte defeats Natalya via pinfall with a roll-up enforced with feet on the ropes to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

SYNOPSIS: The match starts out with Charlotte and Natalya sizing each other in a traditional wrestling and grappling match. When one wrestler had control, the other would find a way to reverse it, and vice versa. This back and forth game made it thoroughly entertaining to watch given the lack of story chemistry both of them have. This was definitely showcased when Charlotte and Natalya would counter each other with leg submissions. For example, Charlotte would start out with a Boston Crab. Natalya would counter it into a toe lock. Charlotte would counter it into a single-leg Boston Crab. Finally, Natalya would find a way to string up Charlotte into a surfboard.

Eventually, the wrestling gave way to Natalya hitting up power moves while Charlotte harnessed her "dirtiest player in the game" genes. The end came about when Charlotte was able to lock in her Figure-Four Leglock. However, she could not arch her back to evolve it into the Figure-Eight Leglock as Natalya kept preventing her despite the pain she felt. At times, Natalya reversed the pressure of the hold by turning over but Charlotte had the last laugh by dragging herself to the edge of the apron while still having Natalya locked in the Figure-Four Leglock. After letting her go, Natalya tried to recover in a position that made her "Bow down to the Queen" as Charlotte hit Natural Selection. Natalya fought back and even locked in the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte reached the ropes to break the hold. After a few more tussles, Charlotte rolled up Natalya for the three count. What the referee did not see was Charlotte using the ropes as leverage. Still, the win goes to the champion.

The New Day vs. The League of Nations (WWE Tag Team Championships) — The League of Nations and The New Day have been annoying one another for awhile, but it hit a fervor at WWE Fastlane 2016 in a promo both stables pulled along with Edge and Christian. This match is kind of unique given the fact both stables are technically heels. Still, this will probably be one of the more entertaining matches to watch simply because of The New Day's antics. The numbers game will probably not work this time as The League of Nations consists of Sheamus, King Barrett, Rusev, and Alberto del Rio. For the match however, it will be Sheamus and King Barrett. It is unknown which two of The New Day -- being Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods -- will compete.

RESULT: The New Day defeats The League of Nations via pinfall after Big E conmects with the Big Ending on King Barrett to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

SYNOPSIS: Kingston started the match out against Sheamus and he was holding his own until his bragging got the best of him. Sheamus hit him with a double-axe handle which gave him and Barrett the chance to double-team him until Kingston was able to get the tag. Big E would then utilized a back breaker, setting up to mud stomp Barrett in the corner with quick tag-ins.

The action picked up when Sheamus and Kingston were in the ring. Kingston tried to connect with Trouble in Paradise but Sheamus countered it with a Cloverleaf. On the outside, Big E took out Barrett on the outside to assist Kingston, but unfortunately, they botched their double-team move utilizing the Big Ending. Thanks to Xavier Woods, the League of Nations could not attain a three count. After some confusion in which Woods was chased by Sheamus who in turn was taken out by Kingston, Big E connected with the Big Ending on Barrett to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger — This match was literally made on the fly. Jericho was probably added in given the fact he's the hometown boy. Too bad he's a heel at this moment so all he did was talk smack about Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His match with Swagger was only incorporated because Swagger defeated Jericho in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the past.

RESULT: Chris Jericho defeats Jack Swagger via submission with the Walls of Jericho.

SYNOPSIS: This match was very short. Swagger took some punishment until the tables turned in a flurry against Jericho, which includes a Swagger Bomb. Jericho however was able to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Swagger countered it into his Patriot Lock. Jericho fought out of the submission, and sidestepped him when Swagger charged. As a result, Swagger hit the turnbuckle giving Jericho the chance to lock in the Walls of Jericho a second time for the submission win.

The Revival vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (NXT Tag Team Championships) — The Revival, consisting of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, have been dominating the NXT tag team division for some time now. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, along with Carmella, have been extremely popular among fans who find their competition S-A-W-F-T. However, the latter has never been tag team champions. They plan to change that tonight. It is possible The Revival will win this one since it is already written on the card for NXT TakeOver: Dallas that The Revival are champions and will take on American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable). This can change though.

RESULT: The Revival defeat Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady via pinfall after Amore was taken out by the Shatter Machine to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.

SYNOPSIS: Enzo and Dash start the match out which was high-paced. Both men try to do apron attacks on each other, but Enzo gets the upper hand causing both Dash and Dawson to the floor in which Enzo followed up with some unique, high-risk offence. Big Cass is tagged in and he cleans house than follows up with more unique double-team moves.

During a quick tag event, Enzo was thrown into the ring post, giving control to The Revival. After a beatdown, Enzo was able to dodge a strike and tag in Big Cass again who decimates both Dash and Dawson. He then connects with the East River Crossing to set up Enzo for the Rocket Launcher. Dawson however trips Enzo who in turned is chased by Big Cass. Using Carmella as a shield, The Revival were able to hit the Shatter Machine to Big Cass outside the ring taking him out. They then turn their attention to Enzo who fought back valiantly but also suffered the Shatter Machine too. Three seconds later, The Revival retains the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper (Handicap Match) — With Paul Heyman by his side, "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar will take on Bray Wyatt. This match actually makes a lot of sense because Wyatt is responsible for eliminating Lesnar from the WWE Royal Rumble 2016 with the help of his family. Lesnar did not like that it took four men, three who were already been eliminated by him, to end his title pursuits. So tonight is a chance for Lesnar to get revenge.

RESULT: Brock Lesnar defeats Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper via pinfall on Harper after an F5.

SYNOPSIS: This was a typical Brock Lesnar match. Lesnar goes into the ring all intimidating and shows his dominance by punching around Luke Harper. It is a shame Bray Wyatt didn't participate because many believe he can hold his own. Still, Wyatt remained outside of the ring while Lesnar took liberties on Harper. At one time, Lesnar suplexed Harper outside of the ring in which Wyatt came to console his follower. Lesnar followed suit but Wyatt hightailed it. Instead, Lesnar threw Harper back into the ring and concentrated yet again on Wyatt. That was the opening Harper needed as he flew through the ropes and got Lesnar from behind.

For what seemed like a few moment, Luke Harper had the upper hand as he connected with shoulder rams in the ring corner, kicked Lesnar in the face, and even knocked Lesnar down with a discus clothesline. When trying to lock in a submission, Lesnar escaped continuing to make Harper a citizen of Suplex City. Harper had no answer as he ate suplex after suplex. Finally, Lesnar hit the F5 and pinned Harper for the victory. Bray Wyatt remained out of the reach of Lesnar. Apparently the "Eater of Worlds" wants nothing to do with "The Conqueror."

Sami Zayn vs. Stardust — Another match made probably because Sammy Zayn is the hometown boy. Ergo, there is no build-up for this match whatsoever meaning the importance of this match depends on wrestling skill alone. Gimmicks aside, both Zayn and Stardust are excellent technicians and given some freedom, can produce a decent show.

RESULT: Sami Zayn defeats Stardust via pinfall after a Helluva Kick.

SYNOPSIS: The match starts out with Stardust hitting Sami Zayn with an arm drag from a lockup, an easy setup for fans to start chanting "Cody" to throw off Stardust. Clearly frustrated, Stardust takes down Zayn again but this time Zayn counters with two arm drags of his own. The momentum shift was only temporary as Stardust counters Zayn's springboard with a punch. In control, Stardust utilizes the ring post and apron to hurt Zayn followed by a forward suplex. He tries to pin Zayn but only gets a two count.

Stardust is now in control, using knees to keep Sami Zayn grounded. After he inflicts enough damage to Zayn's back, Stardust locks in a reverse Boston Crab, hoping for a submission victory. Zayn does escape and tries to build momentum just to be hit with a Side Effect. It doesn't help that he soon suffers from a superplex as well. Now in control, Stardust uses his glove and slaps around Zayn. This in turn wakes Zayn up as he attacks Stardust. He connects with a over-the-top-rope flip on Stardust who was sent flying outside due to a low bridge of the ropes. Back inside the ring, Zayn hits Stardust with the Blue Thunder Bomb but only gets a two count. Zayn was about to set up for a Brainbuster but Stardust counters it into a Disaster Kick. Stardust only gets a two count for his trouble.

The end came when Sami Zayn belly-to-belly suplexes Stardust into the corner, a setup for the Helluva Kick. One kick to the mouth followed by a three count seals the victory for Zayn.

Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship) — This is another match made out of WWE Royal Rumble 2016. Triple H and Dean Ambrose were the last two wrestlers to finish this year's Royal Rumble match. Triple H won it by eliminating Ambrose. Since then, Ambrose has shown his desire to go after the authority and to take the belt away from Triple H. This may be a night that Triple H may lose since he is hardly wrestling these days. The belt would be in better hands if Ambrose, who performs every night, had it. This also might be the setup for Wrestlemania 32 when Ambrose probably takes on Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar for the title.

RESULT: Triple H defeats Dean Ambrose via pinfall after a Pedigree to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

SYNOPSIS: The first half of the match was pure wrestling. With back-and-forth action consisting of combos, reversals, and the like, it showed that Dean Ambrose isn't just a brawler as he kept up with the technical Triple H. The wrestling match seemed to end when Triple H socks one to Ambrose who simply smiles as rubs his chin. In another lockup, Ambrose Irish whips Triple H into the ropes and connects with a hip toss followed by an arm drag. After smacking Triple H's head a bit, Ambrose lets go and does a "Tyler Breeze" on the top rope, showing disrespect.

The disrespect continued as Dean Ambrose grabbed Triple H by the nose. Triple H, now clearly upset, gets caught up in an arm drag again. With Triple H's arm in his control, Ambrose once again disrespects Triple H by pulling his nose, pulling his ear, than trying to break his fingers.

The second half of the match showed both Dean Ambrose and Triple H had plans for taking each other down. For Ambrose, he concentrated on Triple H's knee and quadriceps. This is surely a smart move given that Triple H needed surgery on both quads before. Ergo, Ambrose used plenty of chop blocks. Triple H escapes the onslaught and buys some time after kicking Ambrose into the steel steps. This time, he is on the attack as he zones in on Ambrose's ribs.

Triple H starts out the punishment on Dean Ambrose's ribs with a pair of submissions borrowed from other wrestlers. First, he locks in the Bank Statement (Sasha Banks), followed by the Crippler Cross Face (Chris Benoit), than transitions it to the Batista Bite (Batista). Ambrose however refuses to give up as Triple H lets go of the hold and drops a trip of elbows to Ambrose's back and ribs.

After some back-and-forth action, which includes Triple H hitting his patented face buster which Dean Ambrose counters into his rebound clothesline and some outside action, Ambrose does something unique and locks in submissions of his own. Starting first with the Figure-Four Leglock, Triple H struggled until he was able to escape by punching Ambrose in the face. His freedom was short-lived as Ambrose locks in a Sharpshooter. Triple H escapes by reaching the ropes but when he meets up with Ambrose, gets hit with Dirty Deeds. After the cover, Ambrose does get the three count but the referee waves it off because Ambrose's foot was under the ropes.

The action spills outside yet again. While Triple H tries to recover outside the ring, he is knocked down again by Dean Ambrose with a flying elbow off the top turnbuckle. Ambrose than lays Triple H across the announcement table, goes into the ring to break the count, exits, than stands on the guard rail. Apparently, he took too much time as he lands hard into the announcement table after Triple H rolls out of danger. Now back in the ring, Triple H waits to win by countout. Ambrose however gets in the ring in time but is met with a Pedigree. After a three count, Triple H wins and retains the championship.

[Image via WWE Roadblock Poster]