The Donald Trump Rally Experience: Horrified White Guy Takes You ‘Inside’

The Donald Trump rally. You’ve heard of it. You’ve seen it. But, not all white people feel the same about Trump. So, read this guy’s horrifying testimony of the Trump rally.

This Donald Trump rally attendee’s name is Jordan Ray Correll. He and his accomplice are college students who wanted to attend Trump’s Fayetteville rally — as reported by Washington Post — just to sarcastically experience the hype. He even had a “Trump: Make America Great Again” sign as a blending tool, in order to secure his place within the crowd. However, he soon found out that there was nothing comedic about Donald Trump’s rally.

Via Jordan’s Facebook profile, he shared his experience with the world. After an introductory plea for everyone to read the entire post, he gave the backstory of his idea.

“So, if you know me or my friend, Seth Quackenboss, then you know that we often get ourselves into ridiculously wacky situations, especially when we’re together. Yesterday was one of those days. We decided to drive down to Fayetteville in order to hear a certain orange politician speak. Yes, you guessed it. We went to a Donald Trump rally.”

You can probably understand his curiosity for such a thing. Sometimes, you wonder “what’s all the hype about?” And, right now, “Hype” could be Donald Trump’s middle name.

Nevertheless, after Jordan stated that he’s particularly a Bernie Sanders supporter at heart, he elaborated a little more on his “Donald” position by saying, “We thought that we were in for a time of jokes and hilarity.”

At first, the preliminary events to Trump’s appearance were hilarious, according to Jordan. From a veteran who claimed to have shed blood on all continents — Antarctica included — to a Donald Trump supporter who wished to rid the United States of the 911 emergency service (so people can solve their own issues), it was all nonsensical ideology that Jordan found gut-busting.

Then, Donald Trump took the stage. Jordan states as follows.

“We had our signs ready. We were going to go all out. Yelling and screaming and whatnot. Because, why else were we there if not to join the spectacle? He comes out. People go crazy. For the first twenty to thirty minutes I sat there with high expectations of hilarity. After half an hour, my feelings turned extremely grim. I was scared and upset.”

As most any non-Donald supporter can quickly notice, he doesn’t say much of anything regarding his political plans. Mostly, Donald repeats the same statements, only coming from different angles while using similar words. However, Jordan explains it, verbatim, as follows.

“Trump basically said the same few things the whole time. He knows exactly what will get a cheer from the crowd and he says it. He mentioned his wall several times. About five or six if I can remember correctly. At one point he said ‘We’re going to build a wall. And who’s going to pay for it?’ And the crowd yelled, ‘Mexico!’ and then they lost their minds.

“Now, we all know exactly why this is stupid. So I won’t elaborate. It was just very unsettling. He mentioned ISIS several times. About ten. But not exactly how to stop ISIS. Just comments like, ‘We’re gonna get ISIS’, and ‘ISIS is going down’. Blanket statements.

“He did say that for America to win again (any sort of winning, not just against ISIS) we have to go outside of the law and he isn’t afraid to do it. And that’s unsettling for several reasons…And that was all he said on policy. Completely void of content or substance. Just statements that would get the crowd cheering.”

It’s been long-said that Donald Trump supporters have no clue about his political stance. When you ask Donald’s followers why they choose him, the majority of the answers sound like:

  • “He tells it like it is.” (How is it, exactly?)
  • “He’s going to get this country back the way it needs to be.” (As opposed to what?)
  • “He’s going to make this country great again.” (What is “great”?)
  • “Donald Trump is what this country needs.” (For whom?)

You get the picture. These are real answers from a surprisingly large percentage of Donald Trump’s supporters. Likewise, as you might have guessed, there were protesters.

Jordan noted that there were approximately 20 groups of protesters at the rally, and they were all removed — peaceful or not. Likewise, during the removal, he mentioned that Donald Trump, himself, ridiculed them as they were being removed.

“One man had a shirt that said ‘Love is the answer’, and he was thrown out. Trump’s comment on this man was, ‘And love is very important but I mean, who’s making love to that guy?’ And my stomach churned.

“A few minutes later, a woman stood up not far from where the other man was and starting protesting. She was removed. Trump’s comment was, ‘She was with the other guy. They’re actually a couple. A *clears throat* beautiful *gagging noises* couple’. And the crowd laughed and cheered. It was horrifying.”

Actually, Jordan stated that the crowd was the most horrifying aspect of Donald’s rally. He mentioned that he had never witnessed so much hatred and bigotry in one place. It actually made him nauseated. According to Jordan, Donald Trump fed on their drama and kept instigating more.

This witness stated that Donald asked his rally goers, “Where are these people coming from?” A lady, who sat next to Jordan, stated, “Well hopefully when you’re president, you’ll get rid of em all!”

You have to understand that these thoughts and feelings have never gone away from these particular people. Donald Trump supporters just needed a reason for it to come back to the surface — a reason to point the finger and say, “It’s because of you.” And, Donald Trump intentionally incites that emotion, then, he publicly pretends he doesn’t know what’s happening — just as Donald did during his KKK allegations via CNN. It’s master-manipulation at its finest.

Jordan mentioned more about his Donald Trump experience. He stated that it was “easily one of the strangest and uncomfortable things” he had ever felt. The words and Trump rhetoric which was heard made his “skin crawl.”

Jordan mentioned, “Needless to say, there was very little laughter on my part.” While he thought the Donald Trump rally was going to be an humorously entertaining experience, it was more eye-opening than anything he was prepared to undertake.

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