Nokia Finalizes Plan To Close Last Production Facility In Finland

Nokia is struggling to keep up in an ever-changing mobile landscape and on Friday the company announced plans to officially close its only remaining product facility in Finland.

The plants closure is part of Nokia’s expanded attempts to enact cost-cutting measures and the planet was officially announced for closure after Nokia representative successfully navigated the loss of 3,700 jobs in the company’s country of operation.

The closure plan was started on June 14 and is part of the company’s larger plan to end 10,000 jobs. The Salo, Finland plant is the last remaining cellphone manufacturing location in western Europe, a major hub of global industry technology and cellular use.

In announcing the production stop Nokia said 780 people will lose their jobs this year with more layoffs to arrive in 2012.

For years Nokia led the worldwide cell phone market but ultimately failed to adapt in a changing market where iOS, Android and Blackberry devices dominated the landscape. Nokia only recently signed on to sell Windows Phone based devices and many of the manufacturers phones are still running the very dated Symbian OS.

With the advent of Google Android the cellular manufacturer has watched as Samsung, Motorola, HTC and other smartphone company’s have chipped away at market share. While Nokia continues to lose money its biggest cellular competitor continues to report billions of dollars in gains, mostly from the smartphone and tablet markets.

Do you think Nokia can rebound and recapture a nice chunk of the smartphone market through better business practices and its partnership with Microsoft Windows Phone?

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