'Dance Moms' Season 6 Spoilers: Maddie Ziegler's PCA Win Causes Drama, Kaylee Quinn Best Dancer In ALDC?

Maddie Ziegler's recent win at the People's Choice Awards will be the highlight of the upcoming Dance Moms Season 6 Episode, titled "The Maddie Rumor." Episode 11 will also feature the return of the minis as they competed in Dream NDC last January 11.

According to the official synopsis for Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 11, the mothers were furious after Abby Lee Miller invited an unexpected guest as her date in the People's Choice Awards.

"I think we're done," Jill Vertes said before storming out of the studio.

In January, Maddie Ziegler took home the Seriously Popular award, beating Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, Bella Thorne, and Ruby Rose. During her acceptance speech, the Dance Moms Season 6 star shared that she never thought she would win the award.

The 13-year-old also shared that she was happy that the award had her name on it so that her sister and Dance Moms co-star Mackenzie Ziegler will not be able to "steal" it. While she admitted that they do not usually get along, Maddie thought that Mackenzie would be proud of her.

"I would think she's happy for me. She should be."
According to Daily Mail, Maddie was accompanied by her mom Melissa Gisoni at the People's Choice Award 2016. The duo were later joined by ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller at the after party.

In spite of their disagreements, Abby shared that she is incredibly proud of all Ziegler has accomplished. The coach added that the young dancer is finally getting the recognition she deserved.

"We talked today. Is this, you know all the wonderful things that are happening, all the opportunities that have come her way and all the dancing roles she's getting, is it a fluke? Did it just kind of happened? Or was it all planned? Is she just living out the dream? I think so."
Some of the Dance Moms Season 6 stars have always felt that Maddie Ziegler has always been Abby Lee Miller's favorite dancer.

In a separate report by the Daily Mail, Ziegler reportedly confirmed that she is leaving Dance Moms after Season 6. The outlet insisted that the young dancer has her eyes set on Hollywood. After starring on Sia's music video trilogy, a stint on Pretty Little Liars, and now on Colin Trevorrow's The Book of Henry, it was said that Maddie is ready to move on from reality television.

Now that Maddie, along with Mackenzie and Melissa, is leaving ALDC, fans of Dance Moms are starting to wonder who will take her place. Will it be JoJo Fletcher, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, or the newcomer Brynn Rumfallo?

Ashlee Allen, Brynn's mom, seemed to think that her daughter will be the next Maddie. She, however, received backlash from several of the moms after she served as Abby's temporary secretary in exchange for a solo.

Brynn and Kendall were also definitely feeling the tension of filling in Maddie's shoes when she leaves Dance Moms for good. In an episode Ashlee called out Kendall for being mean towards her daughter. She told Jill that Kendall may be getting her behavior from her.

"At competition Kendall told Brynn she couldn't be in the pictures because she was not on their team. Nia actually said, 'Kendall you shouldn't say that' and she goes, 'Just kidding.' That is so passive-aggressive and you don't condone it. Your daughter's a smart ass just like you."

Meanwhile, some Dance Moms fans think that Kaylee Quinn will be able to take Maddie Ziegler's spot on Dance Moms easily. They held that out of all the mini dancers, she showed the most potential to turn into a huge star.

"I would compare Kaylee Quinn to being about on Brynn's level only with more facial expression, she will be one of the best minis on the team," a netizen wrote.

Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 11 titled "The Maddie Rumor" airs this Tuesday, March 15 on Lifetime.

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