NFL Rumors: Will Robert Griffin III Sign With New York Jets Or San Francisco 49ers?

NFL rumors of where Robert Griffin III will sign have narrowed to the New York Jets and the San Francisco 49ers after the quarterback carousel that has dominated headlines this week has calmed down, according to multiple reports.

ESPN has the most-concrete connection for Robert Griffin III, reporting that the 26-year-old quarterback visited with the New York Jets on Friday afternoon. A source in the article suggested the meeting was a potential leverage play for the Jets as contract negotiations with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the team’s 33-year-old starter last season, have stalled, according to rumors reported by the Inquisitr previously.

If Robert Griffin III — or as some fans know him, RG3 — is signed by the Jets, the former Washington Redskins’ starter would be in competition with Geno Smith and Bryce Petty for playing time as both of those signal callers remain under contract.

Yahoo! Sports presented yet another scenario that makes sense for the dual-threat quarterback. With new coach Chip Kelly taking over the San Francisco 49ers this season, Robert Griffin III could be an option for the West Coast NFL franchise thanks to their new coach’s offensive scheme.

The problem with these rumors is the fact that Colin Kaepernick, the team’s starter until mid-season last year, is still on team. That may not be a problem much longer as the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting Colin has requested a trade through his agent, and the 49ers seem content with granting Kaepernick’s request.

The opening would leave a void at the most prominent position in Chip Kelly’s offense, and Robert Griffin III appears to be the most viable option thanks to his mobility.

Kelly had recruited Robert Griffin III to come to Oregon before Chip bolted for the Philadelphia Eagles three seasons ago. Chip also is very familiar with what Robert Griffin III brings to the table as the former NFC East foes played against each other six different times in a three-year period.

Robert Griffin III was a first-round draft pick out of Baylor for the Washington Redskins, and the rookie made an immediate impact in the Mike Shanahan offense. Robert Griffin III guided the team to a 9-7 finish in his first season and a playoff appearance. That year, the dual-threat athlete recorded 3,200 passing yards while throwing 20 touchdowns compared to five interceptions; on the ground, Robert Griffin III racked up 815 yards and another seven touchdowns.

Since that immaculate first season, however, the stats and results from Robert Griffin III have dropped off precipitously. In the 22 games he’s played in since 2012, he’s amassed only a 5-15 record in starts and has thrown almost as many touchdowns (20) as interceptions (18). With diminished returns and Kirk Cousins’ strong play, Robert Griffin III has become expendable and has been cut from the team this week.

It was a blessing guys. After 4 years, my days as a part of this team have come to an end. I just want to take the time to say thank you #SkinsNation. Thank you for welcoming my family with open arms in 2012. You guys made it truly an honor to play for you and I couldn't imagine starting my career anywhere else. Thank you to Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, all the Skins coaches, training staff, equipment managers and everyone in the organization for giving me an opportunity to play this beautiful game at the highest level here in Washington. A special thanks to front desk extraordinaire B.J. Blanchard, who always has a smile on her face and is the plug for chocolate chips cookies. Thank you to my teammates for all the memories & relationships over the past 4 years. You guys have helped thru all the ups and downs over the years and have become a part of my family for life. I wish you all the best and you always have a brother to lean on. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Although my time here is over, I'm excited about what the future brings!!! I look forward to finding the team where God has me to be and growing with that team on the way to World Championships. God Bless #ThankYou

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Earlier this week, Bleacher Report writer Mike Freeman suggested nearly half the NFL franchises were looking at Robert Griffin III for a potential roster spot. At the time, Freeman proposed the Houston Texans, Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns led the list of potential new homes for the former Heismann winner.

That list has narrowed significantly only two days into the free agency period. Despite being considered the Denver Broncos’ top free agency priority, Brock Osweiler shunned the defending champions for a shot with the Houston Texans. The Los Angeles Rams tendered a conditional offer to starter Case Keenum, requiring whatever team signed him during free agency to relinquish a first-round pick in the future. According to the Boston Herald, the offer pretty much locked up the University of Houston quarterback for at least this season.

Robert Griffin III also doesn’t appear to be heading for the Cleveland Browns anytime soon as the franchise seems intent on drafting the quarterback of the future. It’s still conceivable the moribund Cleveland squad could contact Griffin III, especially after the Browns released Johnny Manziel on Friday.

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