Five Fun And Easy Ways To Create Amazingly Unique Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is something that both children and adults look forward to each year. However, the same old thing can just get monotonous. Are you tired of the same old Easter egg dye you’ve used since you were a kid, but have no idea how to change up the yearly Easter baskets with fresh new designs? Look no more! Here are several ideas for creating gorgeous, out-of-this-world Easter eggs that will be like no other on the block!

Please your little ones with Easter eggs that look like Minions.

Minions have been a hot item ever since their debut on the movie Despicable Me. Imagine the look on your child’s face when he or she wakes up to an Easter basket filled to the brim with happy yellow Minions. You can find a tutorial for making these adorable, dressed-up Easter eggs at A Pumpkin and a Princess. The supplies you will need are simple, and most of us probably have the majority lying around our house in a junk drawer or craft box. You will need PAAS Deluxe Kit/Color Cups, movable eyes, vinegar, black string, glue, and a sharpie.

Simply dye one half of the eggs in yellow, allow it to dry, and dip the other end into blue. Once your Easter eggs are dry, the fun part really begins. Make your Minions come alive with one or two eyes, glasses, funny lips, and whatever else you can imagine. To make it even easier, delete the glue and string from your list and substitute the sharpie.

Here is the Minions banana song, as mentioned in the tutorial. It’s too cute for words. Enjoy the fun!

Your little #minions can now make their own egg-cellent Minion #Easter eggs!

— Birkdale Village (@ShopBirkdale) March 9, 2016

Watercolor Floral Easter eggs, perfect for parties.

Let your creativity go wild with these lovely Easter eggs that look like a piece of art. No, they are not difficult, expensive, or messy (unless you have little ones, and then nothing is free from mess). A bowl or basket of these would be great for an Easter party, bunco night, potluck, or any other occasion.

This tutorial is found on Dream a Little Bigger, and the supplies required for this project are liquid food coloring, disposable cups, Sharpie black paint marker, and paint brushes. With a few dabs of layered color and some outlining, your Easter eggs can look like the beautiful artwork in this picture. The hardest part about this Easter egg project? Waiting until Easter to show them off!

The easiest of them all.

Sharpie Easter eggs have got to be the easiest of all Easter egg projects, and the results are just as lovely as if you’d spent time staring down into a cup of dye for hours on end. According to, simply get out your favorite colors of Sharpie markers and go to town! This is a perfect family project as there is literally very little mess involved. Draw pictures, words, shapes, designs, polka dots, the list is endless.

Your family will LOL over these emoji Easter eggs

Studio DIY suggests using either blown out eggs or paper mache eggs for this craft. If you use hard boiled eggs, don’t plan on eating them, this is a decoration piece only, using craft paint and paint markers. Paint all the eggs yellow and let dry completely. Then draw and/or paint on emoji faces. The tutorial gives great detail on how to draw each different type of emoticon.

Groovy tie-dyed Easter eggs.

Who doesn’t love the tie-dyed look? This is a super easy way get swirled Easter eggs, but can be messy. The directions on Crafty Morning show spreading either shaving cream or Cool Whip evenly on a cookie sheet, dropping different colors of liquid food coloring on the top, then swirling it with a straw. Roll the egg in and let sit. It becomes a beautiful swirled decoration.

Isn’t it nice to know there are fun and easy options to spice up your Easter eggs this year?

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