Charli XCX, Marina Diamandis Lash Out At Each Other On Social Media

Charli XCX and Marina Diamandis (aka Marina and the Diamonds) have been duking it out on social media.

The indie-pop singers have been compared in the past due to their similar music styles and looks. Charli XCX and Marina and the Diamonds have even supported each other in North America and even collaborated on a song, but Charli XCX’s recent photo shoot has had the two singers fighting with each other.

Charli teamed up with photographer Charlotte Rutherford for a photo shoot for her new “Why Not?” limited edition fragrance. Marina noticed that the shoot looks similar in styling to her Froot album campaign, which Rutherford also shot. Not only did Marina notice how similar the photos look, so did her fans.

“That FROOT looks familiar!” Marina coyly wrote on a now deleted photo on Rutherford’s Instagram. Marina then took to Twitter to lash out at Charli.

Charli XCX then took to Instagram, explaining the photo shoot, confirming that the two shoots do look similar.

“You know what, sometimes you do a photoshoot standing in front of a planet, sometimes you do a photoshoot in black and white, sometimes you wear purple eyeshadow. Sometimes you shoot with the same photographer a fellow artist has shot with. That’s just how things happen in the industry I work in.”

Check out Charli XCX’s full message below.

Although Charli didn’t exactly apologize to Marina, she did send her fellow pop star good vibes. Rutherford herself has not responded to the controversy. Both of Charli’s and Marina’s fans have stated if anyone is to blame, it would be the stylist and photographer who worked on the shoots for both singers.

Charli XCX is hardly copying Marina and the Diamonds with the release of her new EP, Vroom Vroom. The British pop star took on a dark and edgy turn with her title track that features her British accent over an EDM beat. Other playful songs on the four-song EP include the hypnotic “Trophy,” the club banger “Paradise,” and the dubstep track “Secret.” For the marketing campaign, Charli is also seen wearing a black fishnet bodysuit complete with leather buckles and studs.

Although she took a dark turn on her EP, Charli XCX has proven that she’s not afraid to take a fashion risk. In her controversial new Impulse fragrance ad campaign, the singer wears plenty of color in her tropical-themed photo shoot. According to Reveal, they have never seen anything like it before. Marina and the Diamonds may beg to differ.

In the bright and color photos, the singer is seen wearing a bright purple one-piece swimsuit and an eye-popping teal printed bodysuit. Charli XCX also spoke about her third fragrance for the beauty brand.

“I loved showing off my playful side in this shoot for my new limited edition fragrance with Impulse and I’m so excited for everyone to try it! The Why Not? can is cute and sassy with bright vibrant colours and emoji inspired icons, which I’m totally obsessed with! It’s fruity, tropical and perfect for the summer.”

Marina Diamandis hasn’t yet responded to Charli XCX’s Instagram post. What are your thoughts on this pop star feud? Do you think the “FROOT” singer has a point? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photos by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images and Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]

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