Charlie Puth Takes Back Apology For ‘F**k You Justin Bieber’ Diss, Then Brags About Career [Updated]

Update: After deleting a series of apology tweets to Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth posted an apology to Justin Bieber fans — not Bieber — for what he is calling a “lighthearted” moment when he said “F**k You Justin Bieber” during his concert in Texas last night. However, after posting his “apology,” Puth deleted it and “Liked” then unliked a fan’s tweet which claimed Bieber “hurt” his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and that Puth was showing he “cares” for her. On Saturday morning, he posted another apology, then deleted that.

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— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) March 12, 2016

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Charlie Puth tweeted, then deleted, a lengthy and possibly insincere apology for declaring “F**k you Justin Bieber” during his show performance of “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” a song which Puth recorded with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and released in January.

The poor taste incident took place on Friday evening in Dallas, Texas, as part of his tour for his album Nine Track Mind, which prompted “#Charlie Puth” to trend on Twitter as angry Bieber fans and defensive Puth fans had their say.

Fan-obtained footage shows Puth sitting at a piano on stage. Right after he delivered the lyrics, “Can’t get you out of mind,” he said “F*** you Justin Bieber” while looking away from the audience. Take a look at the moment in the clip below.

Early Saturday, amid fevered speculation by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Charlie Puth fans on whether Puth’s onstage remark was shading Bieber about the demise of “Jelena,” Puth took to Twitter to share a typical celebrity mea culpa in a series of tweets.

Why typical? Well, by the end of his tweet spree Puth managed to morph his apology into a “poor me” speech, by claiming he was “bullied” as a child by people using words negatively, just as he himself did to Bieber last night.

In the first of his deleted tweets, Charlie opened by writing, “Hey everyone. I feel like I need to clear something up. What I said at the concert last night about Justin was meant to be a joke.”

He added, “However, the way it sounded mid-song did not sound like one. I am a massive @JustinBieber fan and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his music always.”

Justin Bieber
Twitter Screenshot of Puth's "apology" to saying "F**K You Justin Bieber" during the song "We Don't Talk Anymore" at a show in Texas
Justin Bieber
Screenshot of Charlie Puth's since deleted tweeted apology to Justin Bieber

Elaborating, Puth added he was “sorry” to anyone who was offended “and mostly to Justin. His work is inspiring.” He even said “I would never intentionally or publicly bash [Bieber].” The New Jersey native stressed that it was him writing his tweets and repeated his claim that his apology was meant and was “sorry if I have offended anyone.”

He pleaded, “Please find it in your heart to forgive me and know that this is coming from a real place. I am not a mean person,” before claiming, “I was bullied where things like this were said to me all the time, pretty much all of my life until the end of high school.”

Justin Bieber
Screenshot of Puth's deleted apology to Bieber, but was it over Selena Gomez?
Justin Bieber
Twitter screenshot of Puth deleted tweeted apology to Bieber
Justin Bieber
(Screenshot via Twitter)

Apparently without irony, Puth then tweeted that he was a “huge supporter of the Anti Bully movement but my ‘humor’ has shown me otherwise.”

After receiving a barrage of no doubt less-than-complimentary tweets from Bieber fans both during and after his Twitter apology (Read: saving face exercise), Puth deleted the entire lot. He then proceeded to hype his own career achievements by posting a picture of himself holding a plaque marking the record-breaking sales and streams of “See You Again,” his Paul Walker tribute hit with Wiz Khalifa for Furious 7.

Puth also tweeted that he was nominated three times for a Grammy before his debut album dropped, posted yet more self-promotional tweets, praised his adoring fans, before wrapping his Twitter blitz with a “LOL” meme of a Home Alone-era Macauley Culkin.

3x Grammy nominated before the album even dropped is still pretty crazy

— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) March 12, 2016

And a tour that sold out in minutes. My first tour.

— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) March 12, 2016


— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) March 12, 2016


— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) March 12, 2016

Incurring the wrath of Bieber’s fans isn’t Puth’s only recent faux pas. During a brief red carpet interview with E! News at an event last month, Puth offered his view on the ongoing legal battle between the singer Kesha — who has made rape and abuse allegations against the producer-writer Dr. Luke — saying that the worst thing about the saga was that neither warring party was making new music.

Puth also called Dr. Luke “my production idol” before tweeting a damage control apology to Kesha two days later.

Based on tweeted Bieber fan reactions to Puth’s onstage “F**k You Justin Bieber,” his subsequent career bragging and flippancy on Twitter after deleting his initial wave of tweets, has not come across as the behavior of someone offering a heartfelt, serious apology.

At the very least, Puth’s latest public snafu shows the far younger Bieber can teach him a thing or two about how to say sorry — and mean it.

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