Christina Milian Bashed For Making Vulgar Jokes In Front Of Young Children

Christina Milian is making headlines for her controversial behavior on Snapchat. The “Dip it Low” singer has received a ton of backlash after she shared an odd clip on the social media app earlier this week of herself making inappropriate comments in front of children.

Christina Milian has been blasted out by her own fans for making sexually suggestive jokes to her daughter and nephew. She shared a video on Snapchat which shows her hanging out with her 6-year-old daughter, Violet, and her 8-year-old nephew.

In the first part of the video, Christina is seen lying on her bed with the kids and saying, “I didn’t get any penis again.” The comment makes the actress burst into laughter with her young daughter.

The reality star then watches her nephew play with her vibrating massager without any panic. She shockingly asked him: “What if I told you I put that in my butt?”

While the boy doesn’t respond to her question, Milian continues asking him: “How does it smell? Like my butt?”

Check out Christina Milian’s controversial Snapchat video in full below. (Warning: This video NSFW due to the explicit language.)

While the kids were amused by the crude jokes, Christina’s startling comments have raised concern among the R&B singer’s fans. Some have called Christina out for the inappropriate video, calling her “evil” and “disgusting” for talking to the children like that. Some even said that if a man made that video, he would get blasted for displaying the same kind of suspicious behavior around children.

One of Milian’s fans wrote a similar comment, stating: “Women should not get away with this type of behavior because if a man said this to a little girl, the world would flip. She is beyond wrong.”

One person wrote on YouTube: “What a sick f**k, some ten year old kid dosnt need to know you didnt get d**k last night WTF. (sic)”

Another added: “Who knows what she says or does when the cameras not on..Get those kids outta here!!”

There are some who are find nothing wrong with Christina’s controversial video. One fan argued that making inappropriate jokes around your kids is okay.

“She is trying to gross him out she is just having fun with the kid there Is nothing perverted about this. I say things like this all the time to my kids to Freak them out lol. (sic)”

Christina is a proud mom who loves to show off her daughter, Violet, on her social media accounts. The child has been making her own headlines for hitting the runway for the first time as a child model. In the past few months, Christina has posted videos on Instagram of her daughter trying on her makeup, as well as a photo of her showing her mom how to pose like a professional model.

In January, Christina Milian shared a two-part video on Instagram of her daughter’s first-ever makeup tutorial. She captioned one of the videos: “Major slay by little bae! Just having a little Sunday fun! Violet says…’take notes!'”

Some of Milian’s fans slammed the singer for allowing her daughter to wear makeup at such a young age. Meanwhile, other fans argued that Milian shouldn’t be showing off her daughter because it can attract online predators. The Christina Milian Turned It Up star has responded exclusively to Hip Hollywood over the backlash she received.

“It’s okay, I totally get it. Parents handle everything different. It was actually a joke, my sister and I did her makeup. Everyone thinks my daughter did it. We had seen a couple of little kids do the same thing before. My sister, as kids, we’ve always been notorious for like ‘lets film it, lets do this.’ We literally were joking about it. It took 30 minutes … She doesn’t care to put on makeup guys. It was all in fun.”

After watching the video, what are your thoughts? Do you think Christina Milian’s comments were inappropriate or that people are making a big fuss over nothing? Sound off below in the comments section.

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