Rebecca Herbst Inked A New Contract With ‘General Hospital’: ABC Caves Into Becky’s Demands, Agrees To Revamp Liz Webber

Good news for General Hospital fans; Rebecca Herbst reportedly inked a new contract deal with the ABC soap opera, according to Daytime Confidential. The report claims that the deal is official, and Becky said she was relieved it is over now, for a few years, at least. It seems like part of her new contract is an agreement that ABC will revamp Liz Webber, and possibly give her a new love interest?

Rebecca’s contract hit a snag last month when the powers that be decided not to negotiate with her and wanted her to accept their terms. Herbst knew her worth and told them it wasn’t good enough and sent her counter offer. General Hospital refused her terms and didn’t give any other term for Becky to consider. It seemed like it was inevitable that Herbst would walk away from GH, and fans prepared to say goodbye to the soap icon, Elizabeth Webber.

Herbst decided to walk away and stopped her contract negotiations. In her opinion, if they wouldn’t entertain a good solid offer, then she was wasting her time giving their “offers” any of her time. After she had decided to leave the soap and stop talking to them about her contract, that’s when GH came back and gave her a fair offer. They were forced to give in to her demands after receiving fan backlash over losing her.

Becky’s fans had a valid point. General Hospital has lost quite a few actors over money and character development. First, Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy, Y&R) decided to leave the show, and then Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott, Y&R) left the show. Thompson was completely honest about his departure and revealed it was due to the way Dr. Patrick Drake was written over the past year. He needed more of a challenge.

ABC Soaps In Depth revealed that Rebecca is extremely close to making a new deal with the soap opera. Becky has stated that she only wants to portray her character in the best way she can, and thoroughly enjoys her job. Her fans adore her, and even those who can’t stand her appreciate that Becky is an excellent actress.

As part of her new contract, ABC agreed to revamp Elizabeth Webber including using soap opera rapid aging syndrome on her sons. Little Jake (James Nigbor) will be the first to experience a needed aging, and reportedly all three boys will be teens when seen again. Also on the horizon is a new love interest for Liz. That’s right General Hospital fans; Liz will be moving on and letting go of her obsession with Jason Morgan (Billy Miller).

Rebecca Herbst fans will be pleased that she is not only staying for at least another year, but it looks like the writers may have to try to fix her damaged reputation. Is it possible that Nurse Webber will find love this year with a new handsome hunk? How will she deal with work, a houseful of teenagers, and a new romance?

Rebecca Herbst finally signed a muti-year contract keeping her in Port Charles for years to come. Are you excited that Becky will be staying in Port Charles for a couple more years, at least? Don’t forget to come back to Inquisitr for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates!

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