TNA Rumors: Former WWE Star Fired After Wrestling A Match Under The Influence

Many wrestlers have seen the consequences for failing a drug test and it has ranged from suspension to fines and even termination. It’s one thing to be caught backstage or off camera under the influence of drugs, but in the ring? A former WWE star was just fired by TNA Impact Wrestling due to allegedly being under the influence in the ring during a match, and it was not a civil parting of ways with Mr. Ken Anderson.

The news first broke a day ago, and WrestleZone reported that former TNA World Heavyweight Champion had been at an independent wrestling event and got on the mic. It was then that he revealed he was no longer with TNA, and he had some very strong words for the company.

“I don’t work for TNA anymore, so I agree with you…f*** TNA!”

There was a video posted online by a fan with footage of the promo, but it has since been removed from YouTube.

ken anderson tna fired wwe under the influence
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There really had not been any indication that Anderson and TNA were at odds, and his departure left many confused.

News has now come about as to why he is no longer with the company and it’s quite interesting.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Ken Anderson failed a drug test on Jan. 19, but that isn’t the worst part. The test was administered after a match that had Anderson taking on Eric Young at a TNA event in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Sources have said that Anderson appeared to be sluggish and stumbling around the ring during his match with Young. Once the match was over, officials had Anderson take the drug test, and he ended up testing positive for some medications of which he did not have a prescription.

Eric Young was not happy.

tna rumors ken anderson wwe wrestling match under the influence eric young
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Many said that the match between the two TNA stars had to be cut short and end early due to Anderson looking “very bad in the ring.” Once the match was over, Young was extremely angry and let his anger out backstage.

Eric Young reportedly headed backstage and began yelling at anyone and everyone. He started going off on TNA officials and yelling so loudly for them to do something about Anderson that some fans could hear him past the curtain.

It was then that a drug test was given to Anderson.

As of Friday afternoon, neither Ken Anderson nor TNA have said anything in regard to the situation where Anderson was allegedly under the influence in the ring. One source did tell Pro Wrestling Sheet that TNA hopes Anderson does get some sort of treatment.

Anderson is apparently ready to be heard, though, as he has spoken to Dameon Nelson of the PWR Show.

On Twitter, Anderson has also tweeted out his email to accept bookings of all sorts and with different wrestling promotions.

Some have already started wondering if WWE would ever welcome back the superstar once named Mr. Kennedy Kennedy.

tna rumors ken anderson wwe wrestling match under the influence kennedy
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It isn’t as if Ken Anderson’s (Mr. Kennedy Kennedy in WWE) time with the company was the greatest. All of it came to an end in March 2010 when WWE released him, and Anderson claimed it was because Randy Orton complained that he was too rough in the ring.

Anderson also claims that Orton got his friend, John Cena, to also complain about his in-ring style and that really helped lead to his release. If there is any truth to that at all, it isn’t likely that Anderson/Kennedy would ever be welcomed back in WWE.

Ken Anderson’s release from TNA is very unexpected and kind of came out of nowhere, but would be justified if the accusations of him being under the influence in the ring are true. Either way, he’s a free agent now, taking bookings, and the former WWE and TNA star is talented with a big name.

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