‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Spoilers: Cliff Curtis Releases Details

Fear the Walking Dead is poised to pick right up with Season 2 after The Walking Dead airs its Season 6 finale this April. Star Cliff Curtis (Travis) also had a few exciting details to share with fans.

That worn-out detail about Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead being all about zombie action on the water could end up being the least of their troubles once they start looking for a port to call home.

Series star Cliff Curtis sat down with the Huffington Post and gave them a few details about some of the elements to Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead that have not been released to the public.

Previously, fans of Fear the Walking Dead have been told by showrunner Dave Erickson that the series was going to get “amped up,” obviously responding to the only criticism of Season 1 that the show was too slow and did not give fans the hard-core and dramatic action of The Walking Dead. There was a reason for that, and Erickson seemed confident that Season 2 will start giving way to the material that TWD fans love so much about the TV universe.

Curtis took that description a little bit further and said that the show will start out with what appears to be a war zone. That is, of course, something that has been seen on TWD, but with amateur soldiers at best given the government and military have already succumbed to the zombie invasion.

“Season 1 was really about the slow burn — how much people weren’t really up to speed, how to deal with the situation — so we kind of turned the corner by the last episode of Season 1,” Curtis told Huff Post. “Season 2, we all know what we’re in for. We’re out at sea, and we’re not the only ones out there, basically. There’s a whole bunch of people who have the same idea as us. I’m having a great time with the new script. There’s no more slow burn.”

Curtis also described Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead as not just a passing of the “slow burn,” but it starts out with action and it becomes non-stop from start to finish.

“Who we were in Season 1 is now irrelevant,” Curtis said. “We haven’t got jobs. We haven’t got a home. I think you’re going to see the characters transform in ways you wouldn’t necessarily see coming.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson also pointed out that the characters are still getting “a bit of an apocalyptic education that the family gets to go through as we go through these first few episodes [of season 2].”

But he also talked about Fear the Walking Dead character Travis and said that what was left off from Season 1, in regards to having to kill Liza, has a serious impact on him.

“One of the challenges for Travis this season is to see how he can hold it together — how can he hold on to that moral compass that he clutched so strongly in season 1,” Erickson told EW.

Fans are about to see how Travis loses his naïve sentiment about the world he now lives in on Fear the Walking Dead and will be taking a more aggressive approach to what he must do to protect his family and survive in the world. Most fans can probably compare his transition to that of Herschel’s from The Walking Dead Seasons 2 and 3.

Erickson also hinted that some of the characters from Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead might be getting some back stories told, which could lead to other crucial story elements. Either way, find out when Fear the Walking Dead premiers on AMC on April 10.

[Image via AMC]