Katt Williams Fight Explained By Philly Rapper Boone

Katt Williams’ fight has been one of the hot topics in entertainment news. Well, it seems that one of the guys who jumped Williams is giving his side of the story.

If you saw the collection of Snapchat videos connected to Katt Williams’ fight night, you could see that he was “doing the most” while on stage with Beanie Sigel and the crew. On that night, Katt Williams seemed a bit “off.” Philly Rapper Boone agrees.

During a “Rumor Report” interview with the Breakfast Club, Boone elaborates his position on Katt Williams’ “situation.” According to Boone, that night, he was the guy in the red jacket who was “stomping out” Katt Williams. The rapper notes that Williams came at his brother, and he wasn’t tolerating that behavior.

Likewise, Boone also mentioned that Katt seemed to have been hyped up on “dog food,” which is street slang for “heroin.” Specifically, the Philly rapper quoted as follows.

“He [Katt Williams] was trippin’ out. He was on ‘dog food’, man. That boy was on drugs. We’re sitting up here having a good time…performing songs, and he was taking people’s attention all night. Lil’ Mo got up to perform, and he on stage doing push-ups while she performing. Then, I went up there…and he come out with me. So, I’m just looking him. I go to the crowd and was like, ‘What, he don’t know me out here, y’all?’

“The crowd starts going crazy, and this fool starts taking off his jacket and all that. So, we were laughing at him. I’m thinking that he’s playing. Then, Sigel was like, ‘Aight y’all, thanks for coming out’. And this fool comes out of nowhere and tries to ‘karate kick’ my brother. [After that]…We did him dirty, man.”

During the interview, Charlamagne corrected Boone and said that Katt Williams’ attack was more of a “Falcon punch.” From Williams’ fight video, you can see that it was, indeed, a punch or elbow of some sort. However, Boone did add that he saw Katt coming from the “corner of his eye.” Maybe he only saw the after effects of Williams’ attack? See for yourself in the following video. Katt Williams charged Boone’s brother around the 1:54 mark.

Disclaimer: This video contains explicit language and graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

As you can see from the clip, the Philly rapper was turned away from Williams’ attack and would’ve only seen it from his peripheral view, as he mentioned. Boone was in the red jacket with yellow-orange sleeves.

Apparently, Katt Williams didn’t have any personal security with him, not even a few “goons” to help his case. However, Boone said it started even while they were backstage. Similarly, you can see it in the fight video. However, the Philly rapper mentions that Katt was possibly upset because he had a bad show that night.

If you watched Katt Williams’ compilation fight video, you noticed that he was on-stage earlier that night. Even during those moments, Katt appeared to be “not all there.” After his impromptu set, Boone said that Katt started boasting up towards other artists and people backstage as if he were ready to fight.

According to the Breakfast Club interview, Katt Williams simply had one bad night. However, after the fact, Katt purchased a Lamborghini for Beanie Sigel. Maybe Williams felt apologetic for the previous night’s nonsense.

#PressPlay: #KattWilliams gets #BeanieSigel a new whip for his bday! Looks like no love lost after last night!

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Likewise, Williams purchased a news Cadillac Escalade for Lil’ Mo.

“Uncle Katt”s purchase was right on time. Lil’ Mo mentioned that her kids had messed up her ‘Benz truck.'”

Obviously, anyone who thinks that Katt Williams is broke has to be terribly misinformed. At times, Williams might not dress or act the part, but he still seems to have some expendable change in his bank accounts.

Yet, unfortunately, Katt Williams made the news again shortly thereafter. He was arrested, according to the Inquisitr. This time, he had an accomplice. However, since the incident, Katt has been released on a $60,000 bond.

In your opinion, what’s really going on with Katt Williams? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment and Instagram]