‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Shows Liam ‘Proof’ Of Their Life Together, And Steffy Gets Advice From Her Family

What can viewers expect from Thursday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that things will shift back over to focus on Liam and Quinn again as she scrambles to keep him hidden away at her cabin. Where are things headed in the March 10 show?

As viewers saw in earlier episodes, Quinn made a deal with Deacon that she would pay him if he would create some fake photo albums showing “Eve” and “Adam” together. Liam has been asking more and more questions about his life, and she is desperate to keep him from finding out the truth. Deacon delivered the albums, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Quinn shares them with Liam in this next episode.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps tease that Liam and Quinn will look through the albums together during Thursday’s episode. Deacon must have thrown some interesting photos into the mix, as “Adam” is seen in previews exclaiming that “Eve” never fails to surprise him. Viewers will have to tune in to see what photo sparks that remark, but chances are that Deacon was having a bit of fun with this project at Quinn’s expense.

While the photo albums will surely help Quinn’s hostage, he will voice continuing frustrations over not being able to know who he is. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Liam will talk about how he feels as if he is just half a person, and he keeps trying to find what he needs to feel whole. Quinn may have thought that these photo albums would do the trick to stop the questions, but it looks like it won’t be enough.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Deacon will show up again and try to talk some sense into Quinn. As Soap Central shares, he will try to get his ex to see the possible consequences of this crazy scheme, but it sounds as if she will still be in a great deal of denial. Teasers have indicated that she may well get serious about a plan to somehow kill off Liam, meaning faking his death to keep Steffy, Wyatt, and soon Ivy off the trail, while still scrambling to keep him hidden away. Obviously, this will only work for so long, and the truth is going to come out eventually.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas and Steffy will be having a chat about her ex-fiancé. She may be engaged to Wyatt now, and looking toward a future with him, but it is clear to just about everybody that she is still dealing with a lot of unresolved feelings for her ex. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Thomas will talk about how Liam made a choice that doesn’t involve Steffy and she needs to let him go. Will she be able to heed his advice?

While Ridge is pretty busy at the moment fawning over Caroline and the new baby, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will take a few moments to talk with Steffy soon again as well. He has already shared his insights about this relationship situation with her, but it looks like he has more to share as she struggles with everything.

When will Liam remember the truth about his identity and what will he do as a result? Quinn is said to start contemplating some very drastic moves in the episodes ahead to deal with this mess, and teasers indicate that things are going to blow up on this front very soon. Fans are quite curious to see just what happens next as the drama plays out on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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