Kathryn Edwards Says Erika Girardi Has To Behave In Front Of Tom Girardi While Erika Says Kathryn Only Embarrassed Herself

Does Erika Girardi have to behave in front of her husband, Tom Girardi? That’s what Kathryn Edwards seems to think. In her latest blog post recapping Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn pointed out that Erika behaves completely different when she’s not around Tom and when she’s in her Erika Jayne dance star alter ego. Kathryn wrote that while Erika’s “not allowed to act” out in her own home, she has definitely acted out outside of it when she’s away from Tom.

“As far as my language goes… really?! I’m offensive? Erika Girardi doesn’t talk that way in front of Tom, she’s not allowed to act that way in her own home, but Erika Jayne talks a lot of sh– when Tom Girardi isn’t around. Erika Jayne screamed at her guest, Lisa Rinna, at her BBQ. Erika Jayne gets loud and obnoxious, too. I hadn’t met Erika Girardi until that night. I didn’t know that the alter ego gets a pass, but Erika Girardi tows a line of decorum. My bad, I know now.”

On the latest episode, Erika threw a dinner party in her home so that the women could meet her husband, some of whom she said doesn’t even think he exists because he’s so busy with work. As it so often happens with Real Housewives dinner parties, the night included a lot of drama.

This time, the drama came from Kathryn. At the dinner table, she badgered Erika to open herself up more to her and the other women. Kathryn said that she wants to be friends with Erika. When Erika replied that it takes time for her to open up and become friends with people, Kathryn commented that it doesn’t take long for her to get bored with someone.

The talk eventually turned to Kathryn Edwards telling Lisa Vanderpump that Erika Girardi had warned her to not get caught up in Lisa’s web. Lisa asked Erika why she would say such a thing. Tom, the very wealthy and famous lawyer, who is 32 years older than Erika, said that what Erika said could be taken as a compliment. When Lisa didn’t completely buy that argument and spoke up when Tom was speaking, Tom shushed her. When Erika spoke up when Tom hadn’t finished, he shushed her as well, reminding her that he was talking and wasn’t finished.

The other women looked stunned and uncomfortable with Tom’s reprimands. Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, spoke up in defense of his wife, telling Tom that he was behaving like a judge when he’s only a lawyer.

In her confessional interview, Kyle Richards, who wasn’t at the dinner party, commented on Tom’s behavior towards Erika. Kyle said that her own husband, Mauricio Umansky, would never talk to her like that.

The day after the dinner party, Erika confessed to Kyle that Tom was very mad and wasn’t speaking to her that morning for what happened at the party.

In a previous episode, during dinner in a restaurant with Lisa and Ken, Tom scolded Erika when she spoke up when he was still talking.

“Excuse me Erica, this is me talking, not you.”

Yet, it seems that Erika is fine with how Tom speaks to her and doesn’t see a problem with it. On the previous episode that showed her and Tom’s double date with Lisa and Ken, Erika said in her confessional interview that Tom’s the boss in the household and that she even has him listed as “the boss” on her phone.

Kyle tweeted that her comment regarding Tom’s behavior towards Kathryn was more a joke.

In her own blog post, Erika did not touch upon how Tom spoke to her but did criticize Kathryn for how she behaved in her home in the presence of Tom, whom she had just met for the first time. Erika wondered if Kathryn was trying to get a rise out of her again by admitting at the dinner table that she told Lisa what Erika said about her because she wanted a reaction out of her. Erika pointed out that Kathryn’s plan to embarrass her in her own home failed.

“Why would you treat Tom that way? You just met him. I would never do this to you in your home in front of Donnie. Why are you doing it to me? You admitted to causing all this ‘web’ drama between LVP and myself just to get a reaction out of me. Why would you admit that while we were both sitting there? Was it another attempt to get a reaction out of me? Or did you just want to embarrass me in my own home to make yourself feel a little better? The truth is, you embarrassed yourself.”

Yet not all hope is lost for a friendship between Erika and Kathryn. Erika ended her blog by stating that a friendship may happen in the future.

“I did accept her apology and who knows, maybe we can work toward a genuine friendship.”

At the end of the episode, Erika apologized to Kathryn for telling Lisa and her general behavior towards her. Kathryn accepted the apology and they hugged one another. In her confessional interview, Erika said that she’s giving Kathryn a second chance but warned that she won’t give a third one.

As the episode aired, Kathryn noted that they hugged and made up.

Will Kathryn Edwards and Erika Girardi/Erika Jayne be able to keep the peace the rest of the season and on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion show? A day prior to the reunion filming, Kathryn teased that she’s preparing for the long day and included a prayer hands emoji.

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