Mariah Carey On Jennifer Lopez: ‘I Still Don’t Know Her!’

Mariah Carey is at it again! The infamous line “I don’t know her” (referring to Jennifer Lopez) has been said by the “We Belong Together” singer again, according to Vibe. That phrase was first used by Carey back in 2000, but it looks like 16 years later, she still has no idea who J. Lo is!

So, Mariah Carey was recently asked by TMZ about the “I don’t know her” line, and the 45-year-old singer kept it cool and short, answering that she still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez. That quote was also brought up during one of Lopez’s interviews in 2015, when E! Host Andy Cohen asked why the “Booty” singer was checking her phone during Carey’s 2015 Billboard Awards performance.

Lopez responded that she watched most of Mariah Carey’s performance that day, so “the texting thing” is not fair. She said in her defense that it was a long performance. In her interview on The Wendy Williams Show last year, Lopez shared her honest opinion about Carey’s “I don’t know her” line from 2000.

“She does say that, she’s forgetful I guess. I’ve met her several times. I don’t know her that well.”

The Mariah Carey vs J. Lo feud originated in 2000, when Carey was interviewed by a foreign TV station, in which she was asked to share her opinion about a number of popular stars. She was first asked about Beyoncé, who she thought was “nice,” and then Carey was asked about Lopez. And all Carey said was, “I don’t know her,” and shook her head.

In 2014, Lopez was asked for the first time about that infamous line and she revealed that the two had never met before.

“Like, we don’t know each other. I think it’s kind of from word of mouth of things that have happened in the past that I’m not really aware of.”

But last year, the media launched the “I don’t know her” campaign once again after Lopez was photographed checking her Instagram feed instead of watching Mariah Carey’s 2015 Billboard Awards performance. And that’s when thousands of memes started appearing on the internet, creating Lopez’s visual response to Carey’s infamous line.

But the “On the Floor” singer tried to explain to Andy Cohen that she “may have looked down for one second” and people immediately went nuts: “Look at her! Look at her!”

Last week, Mariah Carey was photographed being escorted out of Dan Tana‘s by her bodyguard in West Hollywood, California, according to Just Jared. The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer was having dinner with her friends, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Just Jared reports that in a recent interview, Mariah Carey’s ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon revealed what he thinks about his ex-girlfriend and the fact that she’s engaged to James Packer.

“I think we’re all mature enough and have grown to love each other in so many different ways that you just want to see people that you care about in the happiest situation possible.”

And according to Mariah Carey’s close friend Brett Ratner, who produced the Oscar-nominated movie The Revenant, Carey has finally found happiness in her new fiancé, Packer, as reported by People.

In his interview with People, the producer said that the two are “both really generous and kind people,” adding that he wasn’t their matchmaker even though he is friends with both Mariah Carey and Packer.

“It organically happened, which is such a beautiful thing.”

Ratner also noted that Mariah Carey and her fiancé first hung out as friends, saying that it’s a “beautiful way” to start dating someone. The producer added that he’s happy to have witnessed it.

[Photos by Pascal Le Segretain, Handout/Getty Images]