Joey Feek Dying Wishes Honored By Rory Feek With Funeral & Love Story Book: How To Sign Joey+Rory Virtual Card

Joey Feek and Rory Feek touched hearts everywhere by sharing their love story. It was a story of courage, of faith, of strength — and, ultimately, heartbreak when the country singer lost her battle with terminal cancer at age 40 on March 4. Joey’s husband Rory revealed their journey in his blog, “This Life I Live,” and shared how even from her hospice bed, in her final days with family and friends, she maintained her hope, reported Us Weekly.

The duo of Joey+Rory was nominated for a Grammy, but it was their love and courage that made them an inspiration to the world.

The love story of Joey Martin Feek and Rory Feek touched hearts everywhere.
The love story of Joey Martin Feek and Rory Feek touched hearts everywhere. [Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CCMA]

“She had a special spirit about her,” reflected their friend Bill Gaither, known for his gospel music. “An optimism.”

Joey and Rory had a daughter, Indiana, 2, who brought joy into Joey’s too-short life. But she did not choose to dwell on regrets, shared Rory.

“One of the last things Joey said … is ‘I have no regrets. I can honestly say that I have done everything I wanted to do and lived the life I always wanted to live.’ “

On March 8, Feek fulfilled one of Joey’s dying wishes by having her final resting place be in a wooden casket handcrafted and buried on their property. A few days before, her entire Alexandria, Indiana, hometown celebrated Joey’s life by holding a candlelight service.

“It was amazing,” shared Gaither. “The whole community was out holding candles, holding signs of Joey. It really brought everyone together.”

As Rory seeks to live life without Joey, Feek has revealed that their love story will live on in the form of a book, reported People.

At 50, Feek has suffered heartbreak in recent days, determined to fulfill Joey’s dying wish by holding a private funeral on the Pottsville, Tennessee, farm that they shared. Left to raise their little girl Indiana alone, Rory will have the memories of Joey forever in the videos, such as the ballad “When I’m Gone,” which tells the story of a wife, who is dying, and her spouse.

Rory Feek recalls the strength of their love.
Rory Feek recalls the strength of their love. [Photo by Ethan Miller/ACMA2010/Getty Images for ACMA]

“[God] knew I would need her to tell me goodbye, not just once but a thousand times,” Feek shared at one point.

Among his memories, Rory recalled how Joey urged him to share their story in a book, and to use his creativity in the form of film.

“She talked to me about how she wants me to continue to tell our story, and other stories,” revealed Rory. “This past spring I co-wrote and directed my first film, and she wants me to go on and continue writing and making more movies. And she’s also encouraged me to write a book.”

In that form, Joey will live on, added Feek.

“Joey and I have both experienced the power of living, and telling a great story, so I hope to be able to continue writing and being part of a great story.”

For those who wish they had a way to express their condolences and blessings to Rory and the rest of the Feek family for their loss, Overstock has set up a virtual card. In an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr, Ginger Bower, VP of Voice Of The Customer for Overstock, revealed the company’s special relationship with the Feek family.

“With the passing of Joey Feek last Friday, heaven gained a beautiful voice. Our organization has been blessed with the opportunity to work with both Joey and her husband Rory. We continue to stand by the Feek family, sending our love, and encouraging fans to send condolence messages to them via our virtual card.”

To add your own message of condolence to the Overstock virtual card, use the hashtag #CardForJoeyRory on Twitter or Instagram.

For those in the area, a public memorial service for Joey has been planned for Sunday, March 13, at 2:30 p.m. in the Alexandria-Monroe High School gymnasium, reported the Indy Star.

Bill and Gloria Gaither will host the memorial service. In lieu of flowers, the Feek family is asking that donations be sent to Joey and Indy, P.O. Box 5471, Vancouver, WA 98668.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CCMA]