Was Biggie Smalls Murdered By Sean Combs? Conspiracy Theories Abound On Anniversary Of Notorious B.I.G.’s Death

Was Biggie Smalls killed by Sean Combs?

The murder of the Brooklyn rapper 19 years ago has remained one of the music industry’s biggest mysteries, and now on the anniversary of his death, a number of conspiracy theories have lived on. Some believe his killing was the work of rival mogul Suge Knight and carried out by the LAPD, others believe that Biggie never died at all and faked his own death.

A strange theory claiming that Biggie Smalls may have been killed by his friend and fellow rapper is one of the most prevalent, though entirely unsubstantiated.

As the New York Daily News noted, some conspiracy-minded rap fans believe that Sean Combs may have orchestrated the murder of the rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Diddy saw how much rap mogul Suge Knight profited from album sales after the death of Tupac Shakur and saw an opportunity to do the same.”

“Smalls had been embroiled in the East Coast/West Coast rap feud for months and Diddy leaped at the chance to disguise himself behind smoke and mirrors, the theorists believe.”

It seems crazy, but the conspiracy theorists point to the huge wave of popularity Biggie Smalls — and by extension, Sean Combs — found after the murder. The report notes that Puff Daddy (as he was then known) released his first commercial album three months after Biggie’s death, hitting the top of the Billboard 200 chart.


Combs also had the No. 1 single for “I’ll Be Missin’ You,” his tribute to Biggie Smalls.

Biggie Smalls was gunned down on March 8, 1997, in Los Angles. A man riding in a Chevrolet Impala SS pulled up to the side of Biggie’s SUV opening fire. Biggie was struck four times and taken to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, but died during emergency surgery.

While the conspiracy theory that Biggie Smalls was killed by best friend Sean Combs may seem a bit outlandish, there are many other theories about the still unsolved murder of the rapper.

Faith Evans, who was Biggie’s wife at the time of his death, has recently called for the case to be re-opened, telling HuffPost Live that she believes the LAPD knows the identity of Biggie’s killer.

“We know he was murdered, but we believe that the LAPD knows who’s responsible. That’s what we believe,” she said.

While his death may remain unresolved, Evans said Biggie Smalls lives on through his music.

“We’re just happy that we’re here to preserve his legacy and [make sure] his kids are happy and they’re living great lives,” she said. “They realize the importance that he played in his short time, not only on this earth, but even shorter time in the music industry. He, obviously not knowing, he definitely built something for them.”

Others are remembering Biggie Smalls on the anniversary of his death, including rapper Lil Kim who Biggie helped reach the big time. She joined his Junior Mafia in 1995, and credits much of her success to his support.


“He knew I would be the number one female artist,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “He knew I would be the biggest female rapper. I think I inspired him to want to do different things and be different. We were a match made in heaven, like Sonny and Cher or Ashford and Simpson.”

A full rundown of the other conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of Biggie Smalls can be found here, via the New York Daily News.

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