San Francisco Latest City To Hint Chick-Fil-A Unwelcome

As the Chick-Fil-A fallout that has dominated the news cycle this hot and somewhat boring summer week continues, San Francisco has joined the growing list of major American cities to say that the chain is not welcome within its confines following the persistent controversy.

Boston was the first city to tell Chick-Fil-A that its popular chicken biscuits and waffle fries were not expected to be available to its residents any time soon, but Chicago quickly followed suit in making a public stand against the business many feel is not inclusive or welcoming of all Americans — and you can add San Francisco to the list of Chick-Fil-A unfriendly cities.

A chorus of complaint has issued forth from a number of normally gay-friendly places — New York City’s Mike Bloomberg feels the decision by fellow big cities Boston and Chicago to speak out was ill-conceived and inappropriate, and says the city has no plans to oust Chick-Fil-A or harass it if it wants to open up more restaurants in Gotham. (Bloomberg himself supports gay marriage.)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), seen by many conservatives as a liberal organization, also spoke out about cities banning Chick-Fil-A, and that was before San Francisco jumped on the bandwagon.

San Francisco — which is probably America’s most prominently gay location — stepped up too, with Mayor Ed Lee coming right out on Twitter and saying in two tweets:

Do you think more cities will push Chick-Fil-A away in coming days?

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