‘Charmed’ Reboot Cast Up In The Air, But Shannen Doherty Says No Thanks

Rumors and missteps are surrounding a possible Charmed reboot or reunion, but Charmed fans are clear that Charmed without the sisters Halliwell is a big no thank you. Last week, the original cast announced that they were willing, and then CBS said they wanted a Charmed reboot. Somehow there was a disconnect, and CBS said they were going forward without the original cast. Alyssa Milano seems to be the clearinghouse for information, and she says that none of the Halliwells are signed on for the new project.

According to the Inquisitr, after the rush of excitement surrounding a possible Charmed reunion, Alyssa Milano stated that she, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty hadn’t been asked to join in on a new Charmed. The response from fans was clear, and it was that Charmed without the power of three was not the Charmed that people wanted back.

Star2.com is reporting that at least one of the Charmed stars, Shannen Doherty, has said she is backing out of the potential Charmed reunion. Truthfully, this is not a major loss, as Doherty’s character, Prue Halliwell, died on Charmed several seasons before the show came to an end. As such, it would be far more awkward to explain how she reappeared on Charmed with any regularity, even in a ghostly form, like Grams or their mother.

But while Charmed ended with McGowan, Milano, and Combs in their roles, Shannen Doherty left the show after quitting, which had been her MO with other shows, including Beverly Hills 90210. Politely put, Shannen Doherty was known as hard to work with and somewhat unpleasant. At the time Doherty left Charmed, she called the show stupid and was not respectful of the fans. But as Shannen Doherty is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, feelings toward the actress have softened.

Digital Spy says that Milano broke the bad news that Charmed reboot was a go, but the Halliwells were a no.

“Charmed fans!” she wrote. “Nothing has been confirmed. CBS is developing a reboot without the original cast. That’s all I know for sure. I would imagine until CBS makes a decision on their reboot a true reunion type of show will not be happening due to CBS owning the rights.”

Shannen Doherty told Digital Spy back in 2013 that a Charmed reboot or a Charmed reunion “would not have the same magic.” But on the other hand, Rose McGowan spoke publicly and told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she would love to revisit her character of Paige Matthews (aka Paige Halliwell), because she thought she had the coolest powers on Charmed.

Parent Herald is reporting that the Charmed reboot or reunion still could happen, but will it be what fans want? Alyssa Milano says that Charmed still has a strong cult following, so it would be a shame not to get it together in a way that fans want. But Milano says that any of the bitterness between Doherty and the rest of the cast from the past is gone, and everyone can work together with minimal drama.

But for now, there are no firm answers. As was seen with the Gilmore Girls reunion, fans want all of their favorite characters back on board, so CBS should consider giving Charmed fans what they want.

What would you need to see on a Charmed reboot or Charmed reunion for you to watch?

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