Did Amy Duggar Just Throw Some Major Shade At Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar?

Treva Bowdoin - Author

Mar. 1 2017, Updated 2:13 a.m. ET

Amy Duggar celebrated International Women’s Day by sharing a message about what defines a woman, but a few of her family members probably don’t share her beliefs.

Amy Duggar is often referred to as the “rebel” cousin of the 19 offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. However, 29-year-old Amy is only rebellious in the eyes of her famous family members because she’s worn pants and bikinis, dated multiple guys, and had sex before getting married. Unlike her family members, Amy Duggar also believes that a woman shouldn’t feel pressured to meet a certain standard of womanhood set by anyone.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, which is likely why Amy Duggar shared a quote about womanhood on her Instagram page.

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“What defines a woman is not whether she bears children, has long hair, the perfect curves, society’s ideals, how feminine she is, or if she likes to cook,” the quote reads. “What makes a woman is her essence, her strength, her resiliency, her loving way. It’s what’s in her mind, heart, and soul. She defines it.”

This quote could be seen as a dig at the religious beliefs of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, especially the references to bearing children, long hair, and femininity. Fans of the Duggar family know what Amy Duggar’s aunt and uncle have spent a lot of time talking about what defines a woman. Bearing children is obviously a must, and Jill and Jessa are keeping the Duggar family reality show business alive by doing so. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Duggar daughters are expected to stay home and play “sister mom” to their younger siblings until they decide that they’re ready to have babies of their own. None of Amy Duggar’s cousins have left home to go to college or pursue careers—it’s all about getting those buns in the oven ASAP.

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According to Us Weekly, Amy Duggar said that her cousins were “shocked” when she told them that she wasn’t pregnant after she and her husband, Dillon King, returned home from their honeymoon last September. Amy says that she doesn’t plan on having kids anytime soon.

Michelle Duggar and her daughters keep their hair long because men who are important in their world have included long hair in their definition of a woman. The Duggars are followers of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), and, as Bustle reports, its former leader had a thing for long, curly hair. According to the Washington Post, that leader, Bill Gothard, is being sued for sexual abuse. There’s no word on whether this lawsuit has changed any of the Duggars’ views on long hair, but the Duggar women have never admitted that they started wearing their hair long solely to please Gothard. According to E! News, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Jana Duggar touched on the topic in their book Growing Up Duggar.

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“Our hairstyle is our choice and we choose longer hair based on our understanding of 1 Corinthians 11:14-15…while it is a shame for a man to have long hair, a woman’s hair is her glory.”

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As TODAY reports, Michelle Duggar has said that she keeps her hair long and crunchy-curly because her husband prefers it that way. When Michelle cut her hair to her collarbone for her 46th birthday, Jim Bob obviously was not a happy camper.

“I do like it longer,” Jim Bob said—twice.

Michelle Duggar responded to her husband’s disappointment by hinting that she would start growing it out right away.

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“I want to please my hubby, it’s all about what he likes. He says he likes my long, flowing hair!”

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According to Michelle, she later warned her daughters never to go to a salon and “chop off half your hair.”

Amy Duggar’s Instagram post also mentions defining a woman by “how feminine she is,” and Michelle Duggar is certainly obsessed with looking feminine. In Michelle’s mind, this means wearing modest skirts and dresses no matter what you’re doing—as the Inquisitr previously reported, Amy’s aunt even purchases modest swimsuits with below-the-knee skirts for herself and her daughters. In a TLC blog post, Michelle explained why wearing skirts is so important to her.

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“I really feel like the Lord is impressing upon me that I should be modest in what I wear. And also, that I really should be defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts.”

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also believe that women should be modest by saving sex for their wedding day, which is something Amy Duggar doesn’t agree with.

“I think that if I was a virgin on my wedding night and had never been kissed, I would end up rocking in the corner! That is so much emotion all at once,” Amy recently told People.

Because Amy Duggar is so different from her cousins, Jim Bob and Michelle worry about the influence that she might have on their children. In response to one of her Instagram follower’s questions about whether her cousins can come over to visit her, Amy Duggar revealed that she only gets to see her cousins on Jim Bob and Michelle’s terms.

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“We’ve had a girls night before and have gone out to eat. It’s a rule though that if I want to spend quality time with them I have to come see them,” Amy wrote. “They don’t want me to influence them. So I respect their standards and I don’t fuss about it.”

Amy Duggar went on to write that her aunt and uncle’s beliefs don’t bother her, but her subtle shade-throwing on International Women’s Day might suggest otherwise.

[Image via Amy Duggar/Facebook]


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