Lisa Vanderpump Talks Kristen Doute And James Kennedy’s Beamer Hook-Up

Lisa Vanderpump tends to stay in touch with what is happening in her employees’ lives, but there are some things she may learn as she’s watching Vanderpump Rules. It is no secret that Lisa wants the best for James Kennedy even though he doesn’t make the best decisions for himself. This was proven on this week’s episode, as he hooked up with Kristen Doute after meeting up for dinner with her. But Lisa doesn’t quite agree with what Kristen told James during their dinner.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is now sharing her thoughts about the dramatic dinner that resulted in a quickie on top of a car. Vanderpump clearly knows that her employees make horrible mistakes, but she’s surprised that both James and Tom Sandoval are both making mistakes with Doute.

“I’m a f***ing catch. Yeah, really? So you date Kristen Doute, what might you catch?” Vanderpump reveals after watching Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, adding, “I’ve never seen two people that shouldn’t be together but yet is so perfect for one another. Well if you’re going to be banged on anything you should be banged on a Bentley darling, not a Beamer.”

Plus, Vanderpump isn’t a big fan of Kristen. After she fired her, Lisa has tried to stay away from Doute. But she keeps showing up at SUR for drinks, she’s gotten James into trouble at PUMP, and she’s been a troubling source for many of the SUR workers. But Kristen and Stassi Schroeder don’t really have too much respect for their former boss. They plan on showing up at Katie Maloney’s engagement party at Lisa’s house even though Vanderpump doesn’t want them there.

“When I see these two wenches discussing me in such disparaging manner, it really is quite hurtful actually,” Lisa reveals about the Vanderpump Rules stars, who were clearly planning on going against Lisa’s wishes. “I mean that’s not actually my main concern that we’re going to run out of vodka if Stassi Schroeder shows up but it’s just her patronizing, dismissive manner that piss me off like you’ve done.”

Of course, the hook-up was shocking to many people, not just Lisa Vanderpump. Vanderpump wasn’t surprised that Kristen hooked up with James, but she was surprised that Kennedy allowed himself to hook up with Doute again. As many have said to James, he needed to stop drinking and he needed to step away from his ex-girlfriend to get some respect from Lisa Vanderpump again. She had placed him on probation and fired him from his DJ’ing work at PUMP, and Lala Kent truly tried to get him on the right path. And while James hasn’t talked about the hook-up, Doute has shared her thoughts about it.

“Basically, he was really sweet and I was feeling for him. It was so nice to see him in a much healthier place than he had been for so long. Sober James is Nice James,” Kristen has revealed about the random hook-up, according to Reality Tea. “Who am I to not give him a chance when I got so many of them? I have done worse, but this definitely is right up there on the totem pole of poor decisions that I’ve made. I think that was rock bottom.”

It is very interesting that Lisa Vanderpump is staying involved with her employees’ lives and relationships, and one has to wonder if she would ever penalize James for possibly getting back together with Kristen in the future.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump’s thoughts about the random hook-up? Do you think she needs to get involved and share her thoughts about it?

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