March 9, 2016
WWE News: WWE Planning To Turn The New Day Babyface After 'WrestleMania 32'

WWE faction The New Day has been killing it for a while, helping to make WWE RAW watchable some nights. WWE realizes the love, and they have allowed them to remain the WWE Tag Team Champions despite the return of The Dudley Boyz and the emergence of other teams. Many believe that WWE could end up giving us an Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. New Day match some time soon, but that is unknown as of now.

What we do know is that WWE is planning for The New Day to face off with The League of Nations. The idea originally was for this match to happen at WrestleMania, as that was the clear indication by how WWE presented it. Now it appears that WWE wants it to go down at WWE Roadblock this Saturday, where New Day will put up their tag titles. WWE could be forcing a New Day loss only for them to regain the titles back at WrestleMania.

WWE could be killing off this rivalry for something better at WrestleMania, which would make a lot of sense. Fans do not seem to want this match, so it would make sense to avoid it for WrestleMania if there was a possibility of doing so. Fans would like to see the Enzo/Cass team go after New Day, but WWE may go in a different direction from even that. There have been rumors of the two being called up before WrestleMania.

New Day finish
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If they are not, then they easily could be called up the night after. As of now, they have nothing to do at the WWE NXT Takeover event. If WWE wanted to bring them up, they would not have a lot of issues with NXT continuity. As for New Day, WWE has big plans for them both at WrestleMania and after.

We know now that WWE plans to give them a big entrance at WrestleMania, which is something they only allow major stars to have or those involved in big matches. This is a big deal for New Day, who have done more than enough to deserve such an entrance. After WrestleMania, however, there are plans to go with the crowd. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE plans to turn New Day full babyface after WrestleMania is over.

This is why they have put a heel vs. heel match together for them as of now. Whether they stick with the League is unknown, as they could beat them at Roadblock this weekend. If they do, there are other options for New Day at WrestleMania, but they are not set as of this writing. From all indications, it appears as if they would go over whoever they face. They have earned a WrestleMania win if nothing else.

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The fans seem to love New Day, so it does make sense that WWE would want to turn them. Although, they have been better as heels because they can say pretty much whatever they want to and WWE cannot be angry. However, the trio have been getting cheers for everything anyway. That said, it would seemingly be tough for them to be booed outside of the occasional jab at the town they are currently in.

Seeing as those reactions always get boos, they are considered cheap to do. This could be why New Day doesn't do this a lot, as it seems too easy. On top of this, they are selling well to all audiences and are consistently getting some of the best reactions of anyone on the WWE roster right now.

Whether it is a New Day rocks chant or New Day sucks chant, fans seem to come alive when they are up to bat. On top of this, the fans at home tune in for New Day, as their segments are usually well watched. This was probably why WWE put them on for a lot of segments on shows months ago when the company was seeing record low television ratings. Regardless, New Day as babyfaces will be new to this version of the group, but it could be interesting to see.

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