‘The Division’: Don’t Craft Early, Save Materials For High-End Items And Tech Crafting Perks

It’s day two of Tom Clancy’s The Division and there’s a ton of information out there regarding crafting weapons and utilizing resources efficiently to get yourself nice high-end weapons. This is not unlike Fallout 4’s scrapping of weapons, but the nomenclature used her is “deconstructing” unwanted materials for usage later.

The following is a tip via YouTuber PS4 Trophies.

Save Lower Tier Items And Deconstruct

It is highly advised to save these items and not sell them to a vendor for peanuts. In fact, you may want to mark these items as “trash” and then go through the deconstruction process. At this point, you’ll actually see what you’re scrapping and the corresponding resources they yield for future crafting endeavors in The Division.

Master Craftsman And Deconstruction Trophies

The Division’s crafting stations are the next step, which is where you can take your deconstructed items. The “material conversion” option lists your trashed items, all of which are color-coded and sorted from low to higher end materials.

The Division’s weapons deconstruction method can be accomplished by pressing the PlayStation 4’s L3 button or the Xbox One’s the left analog button. The PC is whichever key that it’s mapped to. The following is the color-coded items from left to right from the most common to the most rare, according to Gear Nuke.

Grey (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic) and Orange (Legendary).

Each of these can be upgraded to the next level/color up on the tier. If you upgrade from blue to gold, you’ll achieve the Master Craftsman trophy. You can also get the Deconstruction Trophy for breaking down items 100 times.

Save Your Items, Do Not Craft Early

It’s a good thing this was caught, early as YouTuber Mtashed mentioned quite emphatically to not craft early in The Division. It was mentioned how players were crafting at any given moment, but he said this would not be a good idea at all considering how the economy works in this game.

A lower-level blue gun will have the same material cost as a higher level of the same color. It was emphasized to hold out as you move forward to the double-digit levels. At this point, you’ll likely to have accumulated enough desired materials for higher level weapons.

Leveling up in The Division allows for a turnaround in gear on a more frequent basis, so it would behoove players to sit tight for a better return on investment.

Acquiring Blue Prints

This can be accomplished in the Tom Clancy game by taking on missions. There is a quest board at local safe houses in the area to unlock side missions. It’s recommended to take action on these quickly, as this would allow for “level appropriate blueprints,” according to VG 24/7.

For higher-tiered blueprint items, there are Dark Zone vendors and chests in the area, according to Mtashed. Challenge modes and incursions also tie into this.

Division Perks: Tech Materials And Engineer

VG 24/7 compiled a nice list of perks. A couple, in particular, though rather expensive, lend well to those game players highly versed in crafting already. The Division Tech Materials perk allows for the player to cyclically collect tech materials every hour in the Tech Wing, which can later be utilized for crafting purposes.

Then, the nice Engineer Perk can allow a “wild card” of sorts for your crafting inventory. This means players can turn tech items into any other material item. This is quite useful if you’re short on items for non-tech equipment.

Both of these play off each other rather nicely.

Tom Clancy’s The Division released yesterday and is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]