Ashley Darby Slams Her ‘RHOP’ Co-Stars’ Etiquette And Class

Ashley Darby really wanted to fit into the Potomac circle, as her husband is a top real-estate agent in the area. She wanted to be a part of the circle and she started filming The Real Housewives of Potomac in hopes of fitting in. But it sounds like Ashley’s outgoing behaviour and young personality doesn’t sit well with some of the ladies. And on this week’s episode, Ashley learned that her co-stars have very high standards – and apparently her beach house isn’t good enough.

According to a new Bravo report, Ashley Darby is now revealing that she was shocked at how her co-stars reacted when they learned that they would be sharing rooms. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon were asked to share a room – a children’s room. And while Robyn just laughed it off, Gizelle made a huge scene about her sleeping accommodations. In fact, Gizelle was so put off by the whole thing that she started researching possibly hotels in the area.

“So many people ask me why I want to be accepted in the Potomac social circle – I’ve created a comfortable life for myself over the last few years with a great family, loving husband, and amazing friends. But that’s just the point, I always want to push my personal boundaries! Life is so boring if you become comfortable with the status quo. I have a great deal of respect for this close knit community of affluent African American women, and I see it as a challenge to get in good with them. Challenge accepted!” Ashley Darby revealed, sharing that she can’t really take their criticisms seriously. As she points out, she didn’t see any of the women invite her to their beach houses – hinting that they don’t actually have any beach houses.

“I can’t really take their silly reaction to this beautiful multi-million dollar vacation home seriously! My husband is one of the top real estate developers in the nation’s capital and a few housewives are going to criticize his home? Yeah, thanks for playing. It baffles me how much they talk about class and etiquette, yet have the audacity to insult someone who invites them in as guests,” Ashley Darby reveals in her Bravo blog.

Many viewers were shocked when Gizelle made a huge scene about Ashley’s beach home. While some of the wives could laugh off the smaller beds and the children’s room, Bryant showed off her rude side. She was frustrated with the accommodations and she wanted her own luxury room without lifting a finger. And in her Bravo blog, Bryant explains that she felt lied to. She felt that she had been lied to and she did point out that Ashley Darby had told her that she hadn’t been honest about her beach home.

“Per Ashley’s admission, she didn’t want to be honest about the accommodations because she felt like if she was then I wouldn’t have come. I don’t like to be lied to under any circumstances. Tell me the truth, tell me that I’m going sleep in a kiddie bed with Robyn and stuffed animals. Then let me make the decision as to whether or not I want to participate. Lying to me is big time shady and makes me want to cuss everybody and anybody,” Gizelle wrote about her co-star after seeing Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Darby continues to be herself but is still fighting for her spot in the Potomac circle.

What do you think about Ashley Darby’s decision to invite the ladies to her beach home? Are you surprised that so many of the ladies made a scene about the sleeping accommodations?

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