‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail And Chad’s Wedding Approaches, And John And Eduardo Scramble Over Marlena And Adrianna

This is a big week on Days of Our Lives, and spoilers tease that fans will not want to miss a minute of what lies ahead in the next few episodes. Abigail and Chad are headed toward their wedding day, but Ben has escaped the psychiatric hospital and is surely intent on wreaking havoc as “Chabby” work on tying the knot. Marlena and Adrianna have been kidnapped, and lives will hang in the balance as Eduardo and John scramble to save them. What teasers are available for Wednesday’s episode and the remainder of the week?

As We Love Soaps details, this next episode will focus a great deal on Ciara and her friends as they aim to confront Chase over the rape. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that this will be an intense situation, and it seems that Hope will soon learn of all that has happened and face heartbreak as she sorts through what her daughter has been through. Chances are that Aiden’s son is going to be desperately begging for forgiveness as this plays out over the next few episodes. However, DOOL teasers indicate that there is plenty of action on the way this week regarding other storylines as well, especially for Abby, Chad, Marlena, and Adrianna as they all face imminent threats.


Abigail and Chad are preparing for their wedding, but she is very stressed over the news that Ben is on the loose. While Abigail initially considered heading out of town, she has decided to stay in Salem and move ahead with the wedding. DOOL spoiler previews for the week show her in her wedding dress, talking to Thomas, then talking with Chad as the big moment draws near.

It is known that Abigail and Chad will begin their wedding, surrounded by their loved ones, but they are hit with a shocker before the event is done. Most fans presume that Ben will pop up to interfere before the vows are exchanged, though viewers will have to tune in to see if that is true. At this point, it is not known how long Ben will be back in the picture or just how dangerous his return will become.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Kate Mansi is leaving the role of Abigail sometime this spring, though a firm final airdate is not yet known. It is also known that Matthew Ashford is returning for a handful of episodes as her father, Jack Deveraux, and many fans suspect these two things are connected. Will DOOL kill off Abigail just as she is hopefully embracing married life with Chad?

There are some DOOL spoilers floating around that Abigail may not be killed, but she may face a mental breakdown over all of this instead. There have been no leaks as of yet regarding a new actress stepping into the role of Abigail Deveraux, and it is known that Mansi wrapped up her last scenes in December. Could Abby head off to a psychiatric hospital for a while, or simply leave town for a bit after the wedding, and viewers will eventually see someone new ease into the role after Kate’s departure?

All signs point toward it being a while yet before Mansi leaves, as given the DOOL taping schedule, it sounds likely that she will be around as Abigail until late May. While fans are speculating about how Kate might be written out, the sudser has yet to share any specifics and any rumors of Abigail being killed are just speculation at this point. There have been signs that the character will likely be recast, but nothing more specific is known so far. Most viewers find it hard to imagine that the soap would kill off Abby after all she has been through to find her happily-ever-after with Chad, so a recast seems likely.

Wednesday’s episode brings more regarding Philip, as well. Spoilers detail that he will be facing Victor’s wrath yet again. The elder Kiriakis is said to be furious over Philip’s latest move regarding Deimos, and an intense confrontation ensues. Viewers will also see a tense argument between Belle and Shawn, as he is said to question her decision to purchase the club for Claire.

Summer has learned that she is Maggie’s biological daughter, and DOOL spoilers detail that she will make an effort to get to know Maggie a bit better. As the week continues, Claire is said to see Philip and Belle kissing and this surely will not go over well. Philip is getting hit on all fronts these days, and fans will be anxious to see how he manages to recover from his family, relationship and business challenges.

What about Marlena and Adrianna? Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that John and Eduardo will be scrambling to save them, and most of the action on this front will come during Thursday and Friday’s episodes. Shots will ring out at the end of the week, and Eduardo is said to be injured. Marlena and Adrianna will surely be rescued, but that doesn’t mean that this situation is fully resolved yet, as John and Eduardo still face intense threats.

Despite an interruption at the wedding on Friday’s show, it is believed that Abigail and Chad will successfully wed and hopefully they will have some blissful newlywed moments ahead despite the looming threat of Ben’s escape. Viewers know that there is plenty more drama on the way, and they cannot wait to see what comes next on Days of Our Lives.

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