Lindsay Lohan In New Relationship With Russian Heir Egor Tarabasov

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is living the fabulous life. The actress, who shares her globetrotting ways on Instagram, rather than acting projects, has a new rich love in her life.

The actress, whose last public relationship was with DJ Samantha Ronson, has decided to enter into a relationship with rich heir Egor Tarabasov. Tarabasov is a 22-year-old who has ties to a “business empire.” According to TMZ, the two started dating four months ago, and already things are pretty serious for the couple.

According to sources, those close to the family say that Egor and Lindsay spent the holidays together, too. “He came to NYC with LiLo over the Xmas holidays to meet Dina and the fam.”

If this is a private relationship, then Lohan isn’t hiding it from anyone anymore. Recently, she posted a photo of the couple sharing an intimate moment together on Instagram for all to see.

Weeks ago she captioned the photo as follows.

Lohan didn’t stop there with her Instagramming. She posted a picture of her love with his head cropped out of the photo. The caption simply said it all: “I love him.”

It sounds like the feeling is mutual, as well, as the heir’s family are said to be smitten with Lindsay Lohan.

As the Inquisitr reported, sources have been spying on the new couple lately. Sources told the Mirror about her new relationship.

“Lindsay and Egor are spending all their time together. He is massively keen. He is a perfect boyfriend and – as he is quite wealthy – pays for quite a lot of stuff like meals out and trips away. He has been traveling the world with her, and posting loads of pictures of their trips online.”

I love him ????

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According to TMZ, Lohan’s love is living in London, and he has his sights on opening up a real estate business, so it looks like Lindsay isn’t looking to leave London, which is a place she’s called home for a while.

Back in December of 2014, she spoke very highly about London and what it gave her to usher her into adulthood without prying eyes. At the time, she spoke to the Guardian about how radical her life was now that has gotten settled into London life.

“I can go for a run here on my own. I do every morning, early, and I think how my friends in New York would still be up partying at that time. I needed to grow up and London is a better place for me to do that than anywhere else.”

She continued as follows.

” My friends tell me s**t when they come over I don’t want to hear. I don’t even know who got married and who got pregnant. You turn on the news in LA and it is all gossip about people. All the stuff that is going on in the world right now and this gossip is the news? I love the BBC. I haven’t heard myself mentioned on TV since I have been here. That has been really weird for me, and great.”

She originally moved to London temporarily for work. At the time, she was starring in David Mamet’s play Speed-the-Plow, but after the run was over, she decided to stay. Looks like she has a few reasons to stay put now.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]