Idaho Pastor Shooting Suspect Kyle Andrew Odom Arrested At The White House

The suspect in the shooting of a North Idaho pastor has been apprehended in Washington D.C., according to reports. Kyle Andrew Odom is suspected of shooting pastor Tim Remington several times in the back and head in the parking lot of his church on Sunday. The shooting came the day after the pastor gave the opening prayer at a Ted Cruz rally in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on Sunday, and just two days before the Idaho Republican primaries.

Odom was taken into custody without violence or incident, reports CNN, after the Idaho pastor shooting suspect threw several items over the fence onto the property of the White House. Since he was arrested, those items have been deemed to include flash drives and other “unknown objects.” The Secret Service has reported that the items were ultimately investigated by Hazmat and bomb squads on the scene and determined to be nonhazardous.

While the shooting of the Idaho pastor followed a prayer given at a Ted Cruz rally and the suspect ended up in Washington D.C. at the White House, authorities have not discovered a motive for the attack. However, they have stated that the shooting of the pastor on Sunday was “pre-planned.”

Pastor Tim Remington
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Ted Cruz did go on to win the Idaho Republican primary on March 8.

According to Idaho law enforcement, 30-year-old Odom managed to fly to Washington D.C. on March 7 despite fleeing from a felony arrest warrant in connection with the shooting of the Idaho pastor. He had managed to flee the scene of the crime following the attack but was identified later that evening.

“As soon as he was identified…we put a warrant in the system in our national database for attempted first degree murder. As far as the inner workings of the TSA and how someone with a felony warrant could board an airplane, I’m not the person to answer that.”

At this early stage, the entirety of Odom’s travel itinerary is still being investigated. His vehicle was located in Boise, Idaho, and taken into evidence by Idaho law enforcement.

According to police reports, the Idaho pastor shooting suspect apparently left behind some disturbing writings. These documents included the names of several lawmakers as well as the name of the Idaho pastor who was shot on Sunday. Police say that during their investigation into the Idaho shooting, they learned some “disturbing details” and took the “extensive” list of names seriously. Idaho police have declined to further comment on the list of names, only saying that it was an “interesting read” and did not contain any “specific threats.”

“There were a number of people listed in that manifesto. There were a number of U.S. senators and House representatives, along with some Israeli government officials.”

Apparently, according to the Spokane Spokesman-Review, a newspaper local to the region where the Idaho pastor shooting took place, the suspect had some odd ideas regarding the world in general and Pastor Tim Remington in particular.

Odom claimed in a Facebook post, attributed to him by the publication, that he believes the world to be ruled by an “ancient” civilization from Mars. He also apparently thought that the Idaho pastor was “one of them” and cited pastor Tim Remington as the reason his life “was ruined.”

The suspect in the Idaho shooting expressed a desire to share his story far and wide.

Idaho Shooting Suspect Facebook Post
[Image via The Spokane Spokesman Review/Facebook/Odom]

Not only did pastor Tim Remington survive the onslaught of bullets Odom is suspected of sending his way, he is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries. While Odom apparently attributes this to the pastor’s Martian heritage, his congregation believes it is a miracle.

Investigators in the case of the Idaho pastor shooting have not independently confirmed that the above social media post, attributed to the suspect in the case, came from Odom himself. However, authorities have confirmed that the information in the post is “consistent” with information found on the flash drives recovered at the scene of the suspect’s arrest at the White House.

It has been reported that the Idaho pastor shooting suspect sent a letter to his parents following the shooting of pastor Tim Remington, as well as a flash drive. Apparently, certain members of the media also got copies of that letter and “similar flash drives.”

Prayer With Cruz
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While authorities have refused to comment on the letter or the contents of the flash drive, it has been reported by one detective that data associated with the items showed that Odom had planned his attack on the pastor and that he had planned to attack another member of the congregation as well.

Despite the shooting taking place just one day after the Idaho pastor gave the invocation prayer at a local Ted Cruz rally, police say they have not confirmed that the shooting was politically motivated, nor has the suspect indicated such.

[Image via the Coeur d’Alene Police Department/Press Release]