January 3, 2018
WWE News: Bray Wyatt Wishes His Match With Brock Lesnar Was At WrestleMania

WWE Roadblock is on Saturday and a high-profile match was announced last week on WWE Smackdown. Bray Wyatt will take on Brock Lesnar at the WWE Network special. It wasn't supposed to take place this Saturday, as of the original report. The Eater of Worlds was originally intended to take on Lesnar at WrestleMania, but like every year, plans always change from day-to-day during this season.

Now that Wyatt is taking on Lesnar, there's a big problem with how the WWE did that. WWE officials never fully promoted their match, and both men weren't happy about not wrestling each other at WrestleMania. Lesnar's WrestleMania plans changed, and that didn't make the Beast Incarnate happy. According to reports, Lesnar wanted his booking to remain stagnant this year.

(Image via WWE)
(Image via WWE)

It's the second time in a row that Lesnar's booking changed for WrestleMania. Last year, Seth Rollins wasn't supposed to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. That job was intended for Reigns. Unfortunately, WWE officials changed their minds after seeing how the fans reacted to Reigns on top of the WWE Universe.

Even though the WWE has promoted WWE Roadblock well enough to create awareness of the event, only the Dean Ambrose/Triple H match feels special. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Lesnar are two, top performers who deserve the main event scene. Lesnar never came out and said this, as it was a backstage report. On the other hand, Bray Wyatt spoke out and said he wished his match with Brock Lesnar was at WrestleMania.

"Of course I'd rather do it at WrestleMania. Then again, you don't know what I'm gonna do at WrestleMania. It's still an open-ended game for me. Like I said, to beat Brock Lesnar right before WrestleMania, you should be owed some kind of spot, some kind of high place – you know, I view myself as a high place player – I'm a serious player in this game and I intend to keep that."
Hopefully, Wyatt knows what he will do at Wrestlemania, instead of the fans guessing that he may do something adequate. At this time, Wyatt has no plans for the big event. Even the rumors of Braun Strowman doing something has fizzled out since the initial reports came out.

Before Wyatt's match at WrestleMania was demoted to WWE Roadblock, Strowman was rumored to have a monster push after the Grandaddy of Them All.

"While Lesnar vs. Ambrose taking place at WrestleMania indicates the Bray Wyatt vs. Lesnar feud was nixed, we've heard that it may still happen. Some were very high on the idea of Lesnar feuding with The Wyatt Family for an extended program. Wyatt reportedly pushed hard for the singles match against Lesnar at WrestleMania and it was said Lesnar preferred that as well. Now we know the match will happen at Roadblock instead."
Also in the report was the rumor that Strowman and Lesnar were still planned for SummerSlam. Even though their momentum has slowed down a good bit, that doesn't mean the Wyatts are going to the mid-card forever. In fact, there's a reason why Wyatt closed the show with a small staredown with Triple H. Wyatt pointed at the WWE belt and went on his merry way.

Many WWE fans took to Twitter to explain why they think he should be in the main event. Wyatt hasn't fought for the title, not even once. And if he did, there was no way he was the favorite in that match. That should change and after Lesnar wins at WWE Roadblock, the WWE should really prioritize how they book him from now on.

WWE Roadblock: Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose

And if he did, there was no way he was the favorite in that match. That should change and after Lesnar wins at WWE Roadblock, the WWE should really prioritize how they book him from now on. When they do, hopefully it's not too late.

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