March 8, 2016
Prince Philip's Custom Aston Martin Hits The Auction Block To Huge Interest

Prince Philip (Mountbatten), Duke of Edinburgh and the husband of Queen Elizabeth, is putting his prized custom Aston Martin up for auction, and it's supposed to fetch about £450,000. The make of the Aston Martin is the 1954 Lagonda 3 Litre Drophead Coupe, made to order for his royal highness. It is a beautiful vehicle with some really fancy custom features.

While Prince Philip enjoys his cars, his wife, Queen Elizabeth, has her Corgis and horses as a major passion. According to the Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth has had a major Corgi habit since she was a child, Along with her sister, Princess Margaret, they even bred a number of generations of Welsh Corgis with their prized Dachshunds and created Dorgis, which resemble a floppy-eared, shorter-haired Corgis.

But it seems that it is a big deal for Prince Philip to part with his beloved Aston Martin, which he often drove himself, meaning no chauffeur, according to the Telegraph. The custom Aston Martin was made to order, winning the company its first Royal Warrant.

And when they say custom, they mean fit for royalty. The car comes with an extra vanity mirror for Queen Elizabeth to adjust her hat, and a radio telephone, which Prince Philip liked to use to disguise his voice when calling his wife, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne. There are many anecdotes told by friends of Prince Philip who were fellow car enthusiasts.

"There is an amusing story about Prince Phillip driving Her Majesty through London in this car and being held up by a policeman on point duty directing traffic." Supposedly, when the office turned around, he did a double take.

The car has 50k miles on it, and will be offered at a public auction in April at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

Forbes explains that just after Queen Elizabeth was crowned, Prince Philip decided that he was in the market for a sports car. This was his pick, and now it is going up for auction at H& H Auctions next month.

"This car is part of our history," Damian Jones, H & H sales manager, said. "The accompanying paperwork beggars belief."

And Prince Philip's Aston Martin has more foreign experience than most people, as Prince Philip would have the car transported to be available if he wanted to drive it (who really needs a rental car?). It was often freighted on the Royal Yacht Brittania, Queen Elizabeth and the royal family's yacht, aka custom cruise ship. Prince Philip also used it to drive carpool, as he drove Prince Charles to school in it.

The car is one of twenty made, and is "deep Edinburgh green" with a gray leather interior. Forbes is suggesting that it would be a great "sporting cruiser for afternoon runs to the local prep school."

The Motor Authority commented that though the car is likely worth about £350,000, with its royal provenance as Prince Philip's go-to vehicle, which transported the Queen of England and likely the future King of England, it should go for about £450,000. It is thought that if it weren't Prince Philip's car, it would go for far less. The auction event will likely happen on April 20 in Cambridgeshire, at a day-long event.
Would you pay extra for a car that belonged to Prince Philip or Queen Elizabeth?

[Photo by Getty Images Pool Photographer]