‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ On PC Updates With ‘Thieves Guild’ DLC, Major Content Patch, And 64-Bit Client

Sneaking around the guards, deftly pickpocketing the locals, and taking anything else that is not nailed down are staples of thievery in the Elder Scrolls series. Although players could thoroughly enjoy the Justice System, including activities like stealing and fencing, no on in The Elder Scrolls Online could join the Thieves Guild until today. The Thieves Guild DLC is out now for The Elder Scrolls Online players on PC, giving criminals a chance to hone their criminal prowess within the guild.

As the first DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online in 2016, the Thieves Guild DLC adds a wealth of content for players both within the paid downloadable content and as part of the base game patch available to all players. In addition to joining the Thieves Guild, the DLC offers up a new zone, introduces assistants, explores a new Larceny System, and much more. Basically, fans of any type of criminal activity in the game will want to check out the Thieves Guild DLC. The game’s creative director summed it up nicely in the announcement post on the official website.

“Welcome to the Thieves Guild! All of us here couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for you with this latest DLC game pack. The zone of Hew’s Bane is gorgeous, with some of the most spectacular world building to date and equally compelling content. There are new types of traps, passive skills, delves, group bosses, and quests that take you all throughout Tamriel. There are also all new justice activities which the Thieves Guild rewards you for completing! If you love stealthy gameplay and being a thief, you are going to love this DLC.”

Two new delves, two new world bosses, new items, the Outlaw crafting style, and a new 12-player Trial are also part of the Thieves Guild DLC. Lone wolf players, small groups, and large groups will all find something to keep their attention in the DLC. Not to mention, the repeatable content factor appears quite high with the three different types of quests within the Larceny System.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Some of the new armor in the Thieves Guild DLC [Image via Bethesda]
Of course, the Thieves Guild is a completely optional experience in The Elder Scrolls Online. All players, regardless of whether or not they choose to play the new DLC, will benefit from the base game patch that launched the same day. The Grouping Tool expanded and improved again with new random dungeon bonuses, cross-alliance grouping, and revised UI. Not to mention, a 64-bit client is now available to players, fixing memory issues and reducing the frequency of crashes. Check out the full list of patch notes for both the Thieves Guild DLC and the base game patch on the official forums.

Like all DLC for the game, subscribers can play the Thieves Guild right away as part of their subscription. Players enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online without a subscription will have to purchase the DLC for 2,000 Crowns. Luckily, The Elder Scrolls Online features a generous stipend for those that choose to subscribe. A $15, one-month subscription includes a stipend of 1,500 Crowns worth the same amount.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Visit new locations in the DLC [Image via Bethesda]
The Thieves Guild DLC will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month. Specifically, the latest DLC will come to Xbox One on March 22 and it will arrive on PlayStation 4 on March 23. The base game patch for those systems will also be available on their respective days. The next DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online is due out in the second quarter of 2016 and is confirmed to center on the Dark Brotherhood.

Be sure to check out other offerings in the Crown Store this month. Alongside the launch of the Thieves Guild, several new items are now purchasable in the Crown Store. As the Inquisitr reported, a pirate costume pack, a camel mount, a dragon frog pet, and other new items are available in The Elder Scrolls Online in-game store.

[Image via Bethesda]