Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Team Interested In Trading For Quarterback Nick Foles

In 2015, the Dallas Cowboys had a horrible season that can have a lot of blame placed on big-time injuries. Already, they are looking at some key defensive free agents, but something else very important needs to be done — getting a back-up quarterback. Tony Romo’s serious injuries last year caused a lot of problems and there was no decent back-up to take over. That is why the Cowboys are currently looking hard at trading for Nick Foles of the Los Angeles Rams.

Should the Cowboys really want to go after Foles though, they’ll need to do it soon as they’re not the only NFL team interested.

None of those teams looking at Foles are very surprising.

The Miami Dolphins have Ryan Tannehill locked in as their starter with Matt Moore as their back-up, but Foles would obviously be an improvement there. In Washington, the Redskins have Kirk Cousins as their starter going into 2016, but they’ve just released Robert Griffin III and need a veteran back-up.

dallas cowboys rumors nick foles trade rams dolphis eagles redskins robert griffin III
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For some time, the Dallas Cowboys have been linked (in rumors) to RG3 once his anticipated release from the Redskins happened. He’s been one of the possible candidates to back up Tony Romo, and rumors have also named Tim Tebow as a possibility.

Tony Romo‘s shoulder injuries in 2015 do have the Cowboys very worried, no matter how much they deny that they are. An offseason surgery was said to be happening where a metal plate would be attached, but Sports Day reports that Romo will shave the clavicle instead of having the plate attached.

The plate attachment may still end up happening after the results came back from the latest series of tests, but it isn’t the first option.

dallas cowboys rumors nick foles trade rams dolphis eagles redskins tony romo
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Tony Romo is said to be on board with the idea of shaving or removing a portion of the clavicle which is possible due to the location of the fracture. This could work out for the long-term as it is said to place less stress on the collarbone than attaching the plate would do.

If the Los Angeles Rams end up trading away Nick Foles, and don’t get a quarterback in return, that would leave them with Sean Mannion and Case Keenum. Needless to say, but neither of those are exactly franchise quarterbacks.

Trading away Foles could end up working where the Rams can release players, save money against the salary cap, and sign a free agent or draft a quarterback high.

All of this could be absolutely pointless to talk about if the Cowboys don’t make a move quick. Yes, the Dolphins and Redskins are also interested in Nick Foles, but rumors are swirling that something else could happen when the new NFL year opens on Wednesday.

It’s obvious that the Cleveland Browns also need a quarterback since they can never seem to find one that works out, sticks around, or can stay out of trouble. Nick Foles may not be the ideal franchise quarterback, but he’s better than what is currently there.

The Dallas Cowboys have to desperately make some moves in free agency, but they need to free up some salary cap space first. Making a trade with the Los Angeles Rams for Nick Foles would give them a worthy back-up to Tony Romo, and also not break the bank they currently don’t have.

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