‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: The Moms Go On Strike, But Their Plan May Backfire In ‘Abby Lee Horror Story’

Dance Moms spoilers detail that Tuesday night’s episode will be another juicy one. This Season 6, Episode 10 show is titled “Abby Lee Horror Story,” and things will be taking quite the dark turn. Abby Lee Miller and the moms are set to butt heads once again, and fans cannot wait to see where things head in this March 8 show.

As TV Guide details, Tuesday’s show will have the Abby Lee Dance Company heading to Northern California for the next competition. The dances are said to head to a pretty dark place, and Dance Moms spoilers share that dancer Maddie Ziegler will have a solo inspired by Lizzie Borden.

The moms are said to try to play a prank on Miller, but it sounds as if they may be regretting this before all is said and done. Dance Moms spoilers detail that Brynn Rumfallo and Kendall Vertes will also have solos in this next competition, and Brynn’s mom will pull out all of the stops to give her daughter an edge.

In addition to Ziegler’s dance inspired by the Lizzie Borden tale, Vertes is said to do a solo based on Natalie Wood’s death. As for Rumfallo’s dance, Dance Moms spoilers indicate that her piece will be based on the “Black Dahlia” Elizabeth Short. The group dance, featuring all of the regular team members, is reportedly titled “The Cult.”

As for the practical joke referenced for this episode, Dance Moms spoilers tease that Holly, Jill, Melissa, and Jessalynn will come up with the idea to go on strike for a day. Nia’s mom Holly posted a photo to Twitter showing the quartet together, seemingly all in pajamas, teasing the prank. It seems that Abby, Brynn, and Ashlee will show up at the studio ready to practice, but nobody else is there.

Viewers will have to tune in to see what drives this mom strike, but Dance Moms spoilers indicate that the prank may have some unintended consequences. Miller digs in and spends the day focusing on Brynn, while the other dancers lose a solid block of rehearsal time. As far as Abby and Ashlee seem to be concerned, they are pretty content with how this joke plays out.

Once everybody does return, it seems there is drama among the moms as the dancers struggle to pull the group dance together. While the girls rehearse, Jill and Ashlee start bickering over Brynn’s place with the group, and both Jill and Jessalynn butt heads intensely with Ashlee. Dance Moms spoilers indicate that the arguing gets so loud that it interferes with rehearsal, and Abby heads over to tell them to knock it off.

How will the ALDC girls do in competition after these rehearsal setbacks? Dance Moms spoilers via the “dancemoms.updates” Instagram account indicates that the group dance earned first place, while Maddie also earned first place in her division. Kendall scored second place in the teen division behind Maddie and Brynn was awarded second place in the pre-teen division. Dance Moms spoilers indicate that there were no overall placements awarded in this particular competition.

It is known that there is a big change coming later in Season 6, as Maddie Ziegler and her family are reportedly leaving the show. However, for now, everybody is still together and dancing and doing quite well in California despite plenty of bickering. Soon Maddie will head off to her new gig with So You Think You Can Dance, but for a little while longer, Maddie, Mackenzie, and the rest are still competing as Abby Lee Miller tries to keep up with the show, the ALDC, and her ongoing fraud case. Tune in Tuesday, March 8 to see these dark Dance Moms performances and see just how well things go up on stage in this next competition.

[Photo by Richard Knapp/AETV]