Anna Duggar Talks Life After Josh Duggar’s Scandals, Says She ‘Wants To Have The Next Right Response’

Anna Duggar spoke out about her life during the three-part special on TLC back in December, and it looks like she is ready to talk a little bit more. Last year, Duggar experienced some of the worst shame at the hands of her husband, Josh. There was the first scandal, which had been dealt with several years before. Anna knew about Josh’s past, and she married him anyway. While that part was embarrassing, it wasn’t the worst of their issues. Several weeks after the molestation report was released, Josh Duggar was outed for having an Ashley Madison account. Anna Duggar was now facing infidelity, and she was on her own if she chose to walk away.

It took several months for Anna Duggar to comment on her life. She had recently given birth to the couple’s fourth child, and now she was facing a life of lies. Josh Duggar admitted to being addicted to pornography and having the Ashley Madison account. Anna was left to pick up the pieces. The first time she spoke publicly was back in December, and it looks like there is more to say. According to People, Anna Duggar will be a huge part of Jill and Jessa: Counting On. She will be discussing what life is like now and how she plans what to say and do. The heavy scrutiny isn’t easy on her, and Anna Duggar is handling it the best way she knows how.

Rumors of pregnancy have been plaguing Anna Duggar for the last several months. Once she was spotted visiting Josh Duggar in rehab, the rumor mill began churning. Recently, there was a photo published to the Duggar blog, and it appeared to show Anna sporting a tiny baby bump. While fans aren’t convinced she is pregnant, there is a possibility she could be. There have been visits to the Illinois rehab where Josh Duggar is currently residing. It is unknown whether or not relations are allowed while in the facility, but if they are, pregnancy is a possibility. Nothing has been confirmed, but it may be addressed during the upcoming premiere of Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

Just last week, Anna Duggar celebrated her husband’s birthday. In fact, the entire family addressed the event. According to Entertainment Tonight, the Duggars wished their son a happy birthday and alluded to the bad choices he made. Anna Duggar has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism for remaining by Josh’s side. From his poor choices as a teen to the clearly inappropriate decisions made as a married man, Duggar needed help. Since he has been in rehab for several months, Anna has had plenty of time to think about which course of action to choose. In the end, she chose to continue with the marriage.

In one week, Anna Duggar and the rest of the family will be appearing on Jill and Jessa: Counting On. Fans have been waiting to see what the Duggars have been up to, especially Anna and the other girls who have children. When TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting, there was devastation from fans. They wanted to see what happened in their lives, especially watching Jill and Jessa become mothers. Anna Duggar is very much a part of the family, and her story needs to be told. She has decided to give her marriage a second chance and live the way she believes she should. Despite the criticisms, Anna Duggar has found out who her true friends are and what she is made of when it comes down to facing more criticism and fallout from Josh Duggar’s personal bad choices.

[Image via Anna Duggar/Twitter]