Deleted 'Survivor' Scene Reveals Nick Wilson Was Mastermind Behind Sending John Hennigan Home

Even some die-hard Survivor fans, who have watched every episode of Season 37 so far, are still picking up their jaws and scratching their heads regarding what happened in last week's episode.

As Inquisitr previously mentioned in last week's recap, the Survivor: David vs. Goliath castaways endured what many have coined as the greatest and most intense tribal council of the season. Obviously, there was a lot of game played, but not aired during last week's episode in order for the former David tribe to have made the decision to split the votes to guarantee someone on the Goliath tribe goes home.

A deleted scene – which can be viewed in the video clip at the top of the article – reveals it was Nick Wilson of the former David tribe who was the mastermind behind the vote split that put the final nail in John Hennigan's coffin.

"This is the first time in Survivor history that we split the minority vote. Basically, I made a plan. We put three votes on John and two on Angelina, and that way if a Goliath plays an idol a Goliath is still going home. And it worked perfectly!" Wilson explained in the video clip.

Christian declared Nick – who he has a final two alliance deal with – as a "freaking genius." Gabby agreed, saying it had a lot to do with his southern accent. She continued to explain the accent just made Nick "so trustworthy."

During his confessional in the video clip, Nick revealed that he believes one of his biggest advantages in the game is that everyone underestimates him, and no one sees him as a threat. Given the fact that the Goliaths continue to target Christian, even though Nick seems to be behind him pulling the strings, his belief on being underestimated is fairly accurate.

"I've been playing that up with my 'Ah shucks' strategy and playing dumb," Nick added, as he explained how he's been able to fly under the radar.

He added: "Tonight I went for the fences and I hit a home run. I hit a grand slam!"

Nick's decision to split the votes despite not having the numbers was a risky move. He, however, has positioned himself in a pretty great place as Alec, a member of the Goliaths, likes Nick and wants to work with him.

This relationship is why Alec made the decision to spill the beans on the plan to vote out Christian in the first place. It was this relationship and Alec sharing too much information that put Nick in a position where he knew he needed to make moves to save Christian if he wanted to continue to work with him.

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