Kendall Jenner Romantically Linked To Chris Brown After Dumping Harry Styles [Video]

Although Kendall Jenner is known for trying to play her cards close to her chest when it comes to her private life, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has a difficult time not being linked romantically to any guy she’s seen with. Kendall is now rumored to be dating Chris Brown after the pair were seen together having dinner with Hailey Baldwin at L’Avenue in Paris, where Kendall was walking for nearly every major designer, as well as at nightspot Hôtel Plaza Athénée.

At the club, Kendall was spotted wearing black leather pants topped by a nearly-sheer black dress emblazoned with sparkles, skipping her usual stilettos for casual and comfortable white sneakers. Wearing her hair down, Kendall looked radiant with bold red lips.

At the Parisian hot spot, Kendall met Chris Brown, who wore a glossy blue and white satin jacket, ripped, steel-grey jeans which were expertly cuffed at the bottom, along with a blue patterned scarf around his neck.

This isn’t the first time Kendall has been romantically linked to Brown. In June, 2014, Jenner was rumored to be dating Brown, who was dating model Karrueche Tran at the time. Brown had just been released from jail after serving time for violating the terms of his probation after pleading guilty to the 2009 assault of Rihanna, who he had been dating at the time.

At Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Brown and Kendall Jenner were seen partying until 2:30 a.m., when they left the party together. Jenner left to head back to her Paris base before commencing the next day of Fashion Week. Kendall is expected to have a big role in the Chanel show, although it’s not clear what part Jenner will play.

According to Hollywood Life,Kendall and Chris also recreated a Damn Daniel video together while the pair spent time together in Europe last month, and clearly Jenner was having a great time with the rapper, since both couldn’t stop laughing.

In the hilarious video, which Brown shared over Instagram, Kendall can be seen cracking up as she wears black sunglasses, a red hoodie, black pants, and black boots. As Chris keeps saying in a gravelly voice “Damn Kendall, back at it again with the black boots,” Jenner can’t keep her cool.

Brown is not the first leading man that Kendall has been romantically linked to since she broke up last month with Harry Styles of One Direction. Jenner has also been seen flirting with gorgeous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who has invited the beauty to spend time with him at his soccer club.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life that Kendall was”totally flattered” when Ronaldo liked one of the model’s photos on Instagram. According to the Jenner insider, Kendall, “along with all of her sisters, thinks Cristiano is gorgeous.”

But, would Kendall go on a date with him or is it just a harmless flirtation? According to the insider, if the footballer asked Kendall out,”she would accept with no hesitation. It would be an experience that’s for sure.”

After Harry Styles seemed less than interested in being in a committed relationship, Kendall is “not putting all of her eggs in one basket,” and finding time to spend with other guys. The Jenner insider revealed that last January, Kendall made a New Year’s resolution to go “with the flow, enjoying herself and not taking anything too seriously.”

As of right now, if Harry wants a commitment from Kendall, then “it’s up to him to make the first move. She’s not about to chase after anyone.” She’s Kendall Jenner — of course she doesn’t have to chase after everyone!

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[Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images]