WWE Rumors: Former Champion Is Healthy And Wants To Return To WWE

The Dudley Boyz returned to WWE last year. Two weeks ago, Shane McMahon made a shocking and triumphant return to the company. Different names from the past appear to be coming back all the time, and now another one wants back. Rumors of Carlito heading back to WWE have been going around for years, but now he says he is healthy and ready to make a comeback.

In the fall of 2015, a lot of rumors started flying that Carlito had actually been in talks with WWE about returning to the company. Obviously, nothing ever came of those rumors, but they are starting to heat up again.

Wrestling Inc. is saying that Carlito has recently talked about a possible WWE return, and the former Intercontinental Champion believes he’s ready. He says that he is in the best shape of his life and that he wants to come back, but it’s up to them if he makes a return or not.

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For those that may not be aware, Carlito is the son of a wrestling icon and WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon. Carlito was released from WWE in 2010, and since then, his return has been the focal point of many rumors.

Speaking with The Hannibal TV, Carlito is ready, but is WWE?

“It’s not up to me. I guess the ball is in their court. That’s where I started, that’s where I made my career and I haven’t gone anywhere else so far.”

Carlito said he would be willing to return to WWE if it was under the “right circumstances,” and that obviously means money. All superstars want to get paid what they feel they deserve and don’t want to work anywhere for next to nothing.

He has a great point about not going anywhere else, though. Ever since his release from WWE in 2010, he’s wrestled on the independent circuit and done work in WWC. Carlito never signed with TNA or Ring of Honor. He hasn’t gone to Global Force Wrestling or NJPW.

In some odd way or another, Carlito has stayed quite loyal to WWE despite not being under contract with them.

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In 2014, Carlito was seen on WWE television again with his brother (Primo/Diego) and his cousin (Epico/Fernando) when Carlos Colon was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. When Carlito was shown on WWE TV, the rumors really heated up.

Again, though, nothing came of them.

While Carlito was never a main event star, he did have some pretty big feuds with John Cena and a host of others. Bringing him back in now would give WWE a veteran talent who is popular with the fans and could add a lot to the mid-level card.

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It’s been believed that Los Matadores were going to be repackaged as a tag team and brought back on WWE television as something entirely different. Last year, they were taken off of TV and haven’t really been seen at all in months except for a few house show appearances.

At one time, rumors had Los Matadores being repackaged and paired up with Carlito, who would be returning to WWE. The family gimmick would work well with them since they actually are all related, and it would form a rather nice and talented stable.

If Carlito ever does come back, that may still happen.

For now, rumors of Carlito returning to WWE now or down the road are nothing more than that – rumors. He is in good shape, healthy, and ready to head back to the company that gave him his start and big break. All that remains now is for WWE to have something for him and actually bring him back.

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