Kim Richards Doesn’t Get Why Lisa Rinna Has It Out For Her, ‘RHOBH’ Star Says She Has Tried To End Feud

Kim Richards says she hasn’t seen Lisa Rinna for almost two years, but that hasn’t stopped her fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star from talking about her behind the scenes. ET Online posted video of Kim Richards talking to Bravo host Andy Cohen about her tumultuous past with Rinna, and the former child star reveals that she has tried to reach out to Rinna, but it never goes well.

“Every time I’ve tried to talk with her, it’s dangerous. She confronts me in a not-so-nice way.”

In the upcoming Watch What Happens Live interview with Cohen, Kim Richards went on to say that she doesn’t understand why Lisa has it out for her, especially since they haven’t seen each other in a very long time. Richards also questioned why Rinna still describes her as “vicious” and “crazy.”

“I did try to speak with her and ask her why she kind of has it out for me. I don’t get it. It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen her, and [she says] I’m a vicious, vile dog, and I’m crazy. It’s concerning to me why somebody, after two years, [is] scared of me? I don’t get that.”

Kim Richards might be forgetting about a couple of incidents between her and Rinna that fueled their feud. First, there was that infamous limo ride when a clearly out-of-it Kim called her co-star “disgusting” and a “sl*t.”And then there was the cast’s trip to Amsterdam, during which Richards teased that she had a damning secret about Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin. That time, Lisa smashed a wine glass and reached across the table for Kim’s throat, so it wasn’t pretty.

During last season’s RHOBH reunion show, Lisa Rinna explained why she reacted so violently to Kim Richards’ taunting comments about her husband.

“She violated [Harry’s] character. It was a total injustice and I blew my f**king lid.”

Kim Richards never came clean about what Harry allegedly “did,” but Rinna made it clear that she’s a “fiercely protective woman and mama of my family.”

Kim Richards’ more recent comment that her foe is “dangerous” comes after the wife of Harry Hamlin sent her series of threatening texts. Lisa later admitted that she regretted sending the texts, but her husband defended her protective behavior.

Meanwhile, Kim’s sister, Kyle, feels caught in the middle of the whole mess. During a January interview on Watch What Happens Live, the RHOBH star said that while she tries to keep Kim and Lisa’s feud separate from her own relationships with them, it’s difficult because she’s bothered by the fact that Kim was going through a hard time with her sobriety when all of this went down, and now Lisa keeps bringing it up.

“She’s making it very difficult because I think her words are really unkind because clearly my sister was going through a hard time and she showed lack of compassion and she was not a good friend to me by making comments like that. I’m not happy.”

This season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards’ name has been brought up multiple times, mostly by Rinna, who is still taking about her “scary” voice and her “scary” behavior. Earlier this season, she called Kim Richards “dangerous” and said the former child star “fled rehab in the middle of the night.” Sounds like the “D” word is the one thing these two ladies have in common.

Watch the video to see Lisa Rinna talking about her feud with Kim Richards.

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