WWE News: Physical WWE Hall Of Fame Coming To Orlando Before ‘WrestleMania 33’

The one thing that seemingly all major sports now have is a Hall of Fame. Fans of those sports have a chance to see their favorite player, fighter, etc. go into a place where they will be remembered forever. Many of them have a physical place where they can see major memorabilia, whether it be a jersey, bust, ball, etc. WWE is just as popular as most any sport in the world today, and even if you don’t watch wrestling, you know the name.

WWE has a Hall of Fame like so many other major institutions, but they have yet to get a physical place where you can go to see your favorite wrestler’s memorabilia. WWE has wanted to make one, but they have seemingly put it off for so long that fans felt it would never happen. Now WWE has concrete plans to make it happen.

AM2 News reports that WWE will be making the new physical Hall of Fame in Orlando, Florida. It will be replacing NBC City at the Universal City Walk, which is right next to the Universal Studios theme park, making it a prime location for tourists and fans of the WWE. The place is set to include a restaurant, museum, and, of course, the WWE Hall of Fame itself. It will also be open by WrestleMania 33, which is a big deal for the company.

Hogan Andre
[Image via WWE]

Wrestling memorabilia will be on display alongside cool profiles of inducted Hall of Fame members. This WWE attraction will be similar to what the company did in WWE New York. Of course, this was a failed venture that closed in 2003 due to costs being too high for it to remain open. It was also located in a great position in Times Square.

WWE New York was a risky venture for WWE to begin with, but to be fair to the company, it did not have what it plans to have here. Plus, with it being in a popular tourist area for most of the year, it will be in a better location than in New York, where there is a high tourist count but not nearly as much as Orlando seems to get thanks to families enjoying the parks year round.

WWE fans will surely flock to the area during WrestleMania week next year due to the location for WrestleMania 33 now being confirmed for Orlando. The place might see a lot of traffic in the spring and summer as well as some peak times. However, it is doubtful WWE can make it all work. The Baseball Hall of Fame seems to work because anything costly does not come onto them but rather others. They have the memorabilia and other player material on display, and that is pretty much it.

HBK Flair
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There is really no cost in that for WWE, as the material is really already owned by them. As for the prices of food and drink that a restaurant provides, it just doesn’t seem smart for this to be included knowing how WWE New York went down.

The good thing for WWE is that this is near where WWE tapes the NXT shows. They also have the WWE Performance Center nearby. WWE has been doing tours at the Performance Center, and that may get larger with more people near the area at certain times of the year. WWE loves Orlando, and they have done a heck of a lot in the Florida area as a whole as well.

WWE has a good relationship with the state officials as well as Orlando city officials. That being said, it is not surprising that they want to put as much as they can in the area. It seems like WWE could continue to make Orlando a home for years to come. The WWE Hall of Fame finally having a concrete place would be great, and fans are surely going to be happy about it.

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