March 8, 2016
Ben Higgins Wants To Marry Fiance Tomorrow: Is A TV Wedding Coming Soon?

Fans of Ben Higgins are glad to hear that he has found love and is happy with his decision on The Bachelor. Last night on the Women Tell All special, Ben revealed a lot about how things are going now. Hollywood Life shared that Ben Higgins actually revealed that he would marry his choice tomorrow if it was up to him. The show actually filmed months ago, and now Ben has been hanging out with his chosen girl in hiding, and the two seem to be doing great. In just one week, Ben Higgins and his fiance will be able to be out in public and show their relationship off to the world.

At the end of the season, Ben tells both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher that he loves them. It had to be hard on both girls hearing this, but then one of them gets sent home in the end. Ben will propose and has shared that he is now engaged.

Ben didn't expect to tell two girls he loved them, revealing, "I don't think life prepares you for what this puts you through. It was excruciating. I never thought that's where my heart would go."

Is Ben Higgins still with his final choice? Yes, they are still together, and things are going great.

Ben revealed it all last night, saying, "I am more in love that I've ever been. I would marry that woman tomorrow if I could."

Ben doesn't seem to doubt his choice at all. Even though it has been hard on Ben's final pick to watch the show play out, they have been able to work through it all.

Now everyone is curious if this means that a television wedding might be coming for Ben Higgins and the girl he picks in the end. Desiree Hartsock did not get a TV wedding after her season of the show, but ABC gave Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert a televised wedding just last month. These two fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise.

Extra TV shared that Ben Higgins has actually been giving out a few hints about his wedding and fiance. Ben shared that he just can't imagine himself without this woman.

Ben also shared that he wants to get married right away and spoke out, saying, "She's been put through hell and back. She's had to watch me date somebody else and kiss somebody from week one to now."

If Ben Higgins and his fiance tie the knot soon, there is no reason for ABC to not air the wedding. When couples wait a long time to get married, the hype about the couple starts to die down, making it not nearly as appealing to have it air on television. Right now, Ben Higgins is someone everyone is interested in and would love to see get married in a televised wedding. They have to at least consider this idea since it will come with a big payday and a free wedding.

Now everyone has to wait and see if Ben Higgins will pick Lauren Bushnell or JoJo Fletcher in the end. Olivia, Amanda, and Caila all shared that they think Ben will pick Lauren in the end. They have seen him with the girls the entire season and obviously saw more than the viewers have, which means they could just be right.

Do you think that Ben Higgins and his final pick will end up having a televised wedding? Are you shocked to hear that Ben would marry her tomorrow? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss The Bachelor on March 14 when Ben Higgins reveals his final choice.

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