‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Reacts To News Of Ben’s Escape, John And Eduardo Scramble To Save Marlena And Adrianna

There are some powerful moments set to play out on Tuesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers detail that Eduardo will have to reveal a big secret as he works on saving Arianna and Marlena, while Abigail scrambles in the wake of the news about Ben’s escape from the psychiatric hospital. The March 8 show will also have a bit of action related to Kayla and Steve as they try to control the situation regarding Ava’s death.

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, JJ told Abigail about Ben’s escape, even though Chad had wanted to protect her from learning the truth. Abby’s immediate response was that they had to grab Thomas and head out of town. Days of Our Lives spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that there is more to come in Tuesday’s show about Abigail’s reaction.

While viewers will have to tune in to see just what comes next for Abby and Chad in the wake of this news, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that she will be thoroughly freaking out, an understandable reaction. Abby’s first response may be to try to get out of town, but teasers have shown the beginning of Chad and Abigail’s wedding coming up later in the week.


It seems that Abigail and Chad will plan to stay put for now, at least until after the wedding. However, it is believed that Ben will likely show up at the big event and turn everything upside down. Just how dangerous will things get with Ben back in Salem?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that Kate Mansi will be leaving the role of Abby sometime in April, and Matthew Ashford is set to reprise his role of Abby’s father for a handful of episodes this spring. Could they really be killing the character off, or will this head down a different path? Fans are buzzing about Ben’s return and how it will impact Abby and Chad, but so far, specifics remain under wraps.

Tuesday’s show also brings action related to Marlena and Adrianna’s kidnapping. John will be questioning Deimos as he scrambles to find the two, but chances are that Kiriakis will not be revealing anything significant. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that as Eduardo scrambles, he will come clean to Rafe about his assassin past, surely as a way to explain the kidnapping and garner Rafe’s help.

Steve and Kayla will be working as a united front as they try to keep the family out of jail for Ava’s murder. As viewers know, Joey actually killed Ava, but Steve stepped up to cover and take responsibility. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that during Tuesday’s episode, Steve and Kayla will work to try to find something that can help with Steve’s case and keep him free.

As the week continues, John and Eduardo will work to free Marlena and Adrianna, but by the end of the week, their attempts will lead to gunfire and injuries. Previews tease that there will be at least one death as this plays out, but will it be one of the good guys or the bad guys? In addition, Ciara finally opened up to Claire about Chase raping her and things take a wicked turn on this front on Wednesday’s show. There is a lot of drama on the way as this week plays out and Days of Our Lives fans cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

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