Mindy Mann Is Pregnant, Possibly Telling All About Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale’s Divorce

Mindy Mann, the nanny who allegedly played a part in the demise of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s 13-year marriage, is pregnant with a baby boy. Mindy might not be a big star like Gwen, but she might get to show off her baby bump on the cover of a major magazine. There’s also some evidence that she’s working on a tell-all about her affair with Gavin.

Judging from the social media evidence that’s been presented, Gavin Rossdale most likely isn’t the father of Mindy Mann’s baby boy. Us Weekly reports that Mindy’s sister, Nicole Jennifer Mann, first announced the news of the nanny’s pregnancy on her social media pages.

“I’m excited to announce I’m going to be an aunty to another beautiful baby!” Nicole wrote on Facebook.

She also shared two photos of Mindy Mann showing off her baby bump on Instagram. Mindy’s face is hidden in both of the pregnancy pictures, including the one below that shows her holding a big giraffe balloon.

Mindy is currently dating snowboarding instructor Spencer Gutcheon, who was tagged in some of Nicole’s posts about her sister’s pregnancy. This is a strong indication that he is the father of Mindy Mann’s baby boy, not rocker Gavin Rossdale. A source recently told Radar Online that Gavin is “adamant” that he didn’t get Mindy Mann pregnant and that he and the former caretaker of his three kids with Gwen Stefani haven’t seen each other in a very long time.

“They haven’t been together for more than a year. Gavin has moved on from that time in his life.”

However, this claim might not be true. Last December, Gavin’s Range Rover was spotted outside of the daycare center that Mindy Mann owns. The Daily Mail reports that Gwen and Gavin actually provided Mindy with the funds she needed to open up the business.

Mindy Mann repaid Gwen’s kindness by engaging in an extramarital affair with Gavin, Us Weekly reports. Sources close to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have claimed that Gwen made the decision to end their marriage after she discovered nude photos of Mindy Mann on an iPad used by the entire family. Gwen also found explicit text conversations between Gavin and Mindy, including a few about their plans to meet up behind her back to have sex.

Mindy Mann and Gavin Rossdale managed to keep their affair a secret for three years. Gwen Stefani finally discovered what was going on in February of last year, but she didn’t announce that she was divorcing Gavin until August. This could be because Gavin initially made a feeble attempt to save his marriage by lying to Gwen; he allegedly told his wife that he and Mindy were just flirting. However, Gavin eventually broke and confessed that he and Mindy Mann had enjoyed a lengthy, lustful affair right under Gwen’s nose. Gwen was reportedly “mortified, livid, and embarrassed,” and she made the difficult decision to divorce the father of her three sons: Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 1.

After it was discovered that Gavin had engaged in an extramarital affair with Mindy Mann, the nanny was accused of trying to pull a Single White Female on Gwen Stefani. Side-by-side photos shared by the Daily Mail showed Mindy dressing almost exactly like her fashionable former employer and copying the singer’s signature platinum blonde hairstyle.

At least Mindy Mann didn’t take her Gwen obsession even further by getting pregnant with Gavin’s child, and at least Gwen didn’t let her former nanny get under her skin. Gwen Stefani quickly bounced back from the affair bombshell by finding love with fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton. The Cali girl and country crooner officially started dating in November of last year, and their relationship has gotten so serious that they’re constantly plagued by rumors that Gwen is pregnant with Blake’s baby.

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Still Together
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: not just a rebound fling [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Gwen hasn’t moved on from Gavin quite that fast, but Mindy Mann certainly has. In addition to proving that she’s through with Gavin by getting pregnant with another man’s baby, Mindy has dropped a hint that she’s over her obsession with trying to look like Gavin’s ex-wife. The nanny has ditched her copycat platinum hair for a more subdued brunette ‘do.

Unfortunately for Gwen Stefani, there’s a chance that Mindy Mann developed a taste for the spotlight when she got her 15 minutes of infamy by sleeping with Gavin Rossdale. The Daily Mail reports that Mindy recently took part in a professional photo shoot at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, California. The Smashbox facility is often used to shoot magazine cover photos for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and People, so there’s some speculation that Mindy was there to pose for pictures that will be featured in a tabloid tell-all.

Gwen Stefani has never mentioned Mindy Mann or her husband’s alleged affair with the nanny. Do you think she’ll feel forced to talk about these painful topics if a tabloid publishes a tell-all interview with Mindy?

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